At the hairdressers

Wow! You can tell I’m really struggling for ideas when I start blogging about being at the hairdressers! Well since I’m here I might as well describe my experience. When the lockdown was first lifted, it was almost impossible to get an appointment especially since I don’t have a regular hairdresser that I go to, so after a few phone calls, I didn’t bother.

This weekend, I decided I had enough of my hair. My hair looked like limp rag cloths hanging down the side of my face and having it up didn’t work either. I tried calling the hairdressers this weekend and I’ve managed to make a booking for today.

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Think Like a Monk

Think like a Monk: Train your mind for peace and purpose every day by Jay Shetty.

I don’t normally do a book review until I’ve finished reading it but I thought I would give a taster for this only because, right now he is in the middle of a 20-day meditation and passages from his book reading session (by middle I mean day 5) which he is doing live at 5.30 pm on Facebook and Instagram.

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Loving Insights

This is an extract from the book Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen from Chapter 3:

  • Meditate, meditate, and keep on meditating until you’ve learned to let go of all the things you fear to lose.
  • Take the step. Don’t be afraid. Follow your intuition, wherever it takes you.
  • You will always be okay! Money and material things come to you when you dare to trust in life’s ability to take you exactly where you need to go. When we live in fear we create tense vibrations that keep the things we long for at a distance. Worrying is praying for what we don’t want to happen. Focus on what you want, not what you fear!
  • Do no harm – but take no shit!
  • Ask the universe for what you want. If you don’t know what you want in life, how are you ever going to create the life of your dreams? Write down everything you want to create. Be detailed. Take all the active steps you need to take. Ask for what you want and keep your intentions loving and clear.
  • Explore the world and soak up the wisdom that lies in every lesson you learn along the way. Life is meant to be an adventure.

The full review of the Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen can be found here: Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen

Some quotes to download can be found here as a PDF:

What’s new in the blogging world

After spending so much time off blogging, going back to it felt a bit alien in some cases. The first few days of the blogging took me ages to actually publish a post. I was creating a post on my phone and then editing on the laptop and then for some reason, it just wouldn’t publish.

Also, I’ve somehow got two sites? I think. I have about 50 followers on one and 20 on another, email followers on one of them too. It might have something to do with moving it back to WordPress from Bluehost. I have no idea how to fix that but I should probably get in touch with someone at WordPress. After the first few days, I seemed to have figured out how to publish and not really sure what happened at the beginning.

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Inspirational Quotes

I love collecting quotes so I thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes below:


I mean why else do anything!


This is so true and possibly why I love reading.


Some things work out some things don’t. You never know until you try.


Just great quotes to try and live by!

In my rush to post yesterday I forgot to credit my inspiration for this post to Life’s Fine Whine who I follow here. This is her latest inspirational quotes post and whose last post I had planned to reblog. As a short story enthusiast, I really loved this short story.. The worst date

Blogging Journey

Every so often, when this question comes up, ‘Why did I start blogging?, it makes me stop and think about what I am doing.  After spending so long without blogging, I’m finding it hard to really back into it.

Every year, the blogger, Aby Moore does a week long wrap party around December to give you a chance to look over your year and plan for the following year. I found an old post with the questions from one of the wrap party and I thought I would have another go at answering these questions.

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