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Here are my accounting posts. Most of these posts will be updated when required and only the latest version of this post will be shown here. A link to the original post will be on the new posts in most cases.

Additionally, I’ve grouped the relevant posts together so that it is easier to find what you are looking for. If you can’t find something you are looking for, then please do let me know. I can direct you to relevant HMRC page or other relevant official tax and accountancy bodies page where you can find more help and information.

First Post

The first accounting post I created was a guest post published on a business related blog. As I was starting my accountancy business, I decided to give my ‘Top three tips for starting a business’. Part of this post was published in this book: 101 business tips from business owners – Not your normal 9-5 and can be purchased from Amazon using my affiliate link below:

An updated version of this post can be found below:

Setting up your business

Other published guests posts can be found here:

Published Work

Accounting for Bloggers Series

February 2019 turned into ‘Accounting for Bloggers’ month on An Accountant and a Mum. In case you missed it, all the posts can be found here:

Accounting for bloggers – Part 1

Accounting for bloggers – Part 2

Accounting for bloggers – Part 3

Accounting for bloggers – Part 4

Accounting for bloggers – Free Download

National Insurance

National Insurance Class 1

The Pain of Class 2 National Insurance

Why pay Class 3 National Insurance?

Class 4 National Insurance and your profits

National Insurance Recap

Business Taxes

Where’s my profit?

The Budget and the PAYE

What is Corporation Tax?

Are sales invoices really needed?

VAT rates in the UK

Personal Taxes

Tax return season

Tax return checklist 2017/18

What is Income Tax?

Claiming just expenses on your tax return

Reporting your personal pension contributions

Top 5 end of tax year tips

Is it worth having a second home?

Don’t forget your marriage allowance

Accounting around the web

My Top 5 Accounting Blogs

Women in Tax – Leicester

My Favourite Accounting Apps

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