My Top 5 Accounting Blogs

Here are my top 5 accounting blogs and why I like them.  There are a lot of other people that I do admire in the tax and accounting world who are not listed here as they don’t blog or they don’t have a website.  However, as I like to blog, I tried to focus on bloggers only.

1.  Firsttab

This is a weekly blog about the trials of having your own accountancy practice.  He also talks about his life and whatever other issues that are affecting him at the time.  This personal touch is what makes his blogs so interesting to read.

2.  One man band accounting

I love this blog because its almost everything I wish I could be.  I’m not a very good cook so I will pass the baking part but the blog and website and everything she does is really good.  She focuses on tax returns and on teaching and enlightening others on tax returns and accounts.

3.  Satwaki Chanda

Not sure what attracted me to his blogs, possibly his marketing, but its a very interesting and very technical blog.  He is actually a tax lawyer but it’s still tax so still very interesting to read.

4.  Accountingweb

This is not just a blog but as this is where my first taste for blogging came from, I have to include it in this list. The whole website is quite informative especially for the small to medium accountancy practices and the blogs that are written by other people in similar positions and in different fields is quite interesting to read.

5.  Tax Justice Network

This blog is more about the fight to get tax fair around the world.  As it says on their website, they ‘seek to create understanding’ of tax and to ‘transform the way the world thinks about tax, tax cheating and tax havens.’


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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Accounting Blogs”

  1. Hello Nisha! Thank you. Not having my own children and not being a woman, your blogs give me a perspective that I lack. Keep up the great blogs.

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