Me and My Blog

Hi, I’m Nisha. I’m a coffee drinking, chocoholic, part-time accountant and writer. I am also a full-on harassed mum of two young girls and a wife to an IT bod. I live in the East Midlands in the UK and since going on maternity leave in 2010, I have been struggling with my need to have a career and wanting to be a great mum to my girls.  Basically, trying to do everything in the limited 24 hours a day!

Start of blogging

I created this blog after discovering how much I enjoyed writing on my original blog ‘A mum and an accountant’ at the accounting website Accountingweb. However, as it is an accounting website, blogging about being a mum sometimes seemed like it would be a little too much information for accountants!

My blog was originally used as a place for me to vent my frustrations about the working world, being a mum, being a woman and my life or the world in general.  As my girls have grown up and started school, my blog too has evolved. I now write more about book reviews and going to see different shows around Leicester as well as accounts and parenting my two girls and the huge responsibility this brings with it.

My top five blogs

I’ve listed the links to my top five most popular blogs below:

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Work With Me

I currently blog because I love writing and I attempt to fit it in between my part-time job and looking after my girls. I can help with your account queries and will happily undertake any writing jobs.


I am currently working as a part-time accountant for an accountancy firm in the East Midlands. For accountancy advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


I also enjoy writing and hence this blog. If you want some help writing blogs or other content for your website or any other publications, please get in touch. Some of my published work can be found here:

Published work and Poetry

Getting in touch

If you want to get in touch or work with me, please use this form or get in touch by email: nishamilan@gmail.com

You can also find me and follow me on these social media channels:






Finally, you can also keep in touch by subscribing to my blog here:

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