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Hi, I’m Nisha. I’m a coffee drinking, chocoholic, part-time, geeky accountant and a full time harassed mum of two young girls and a wife to an IT bod. I live in the East Midlands in the UK and since going on maternity leave, I have been struggling with my need to have a career and wanting to be a great mum to my girls.  Basically, trying to do everything in the limited 24 hours a day!

I created this blog as an offshoot to my original blog on a geeky accounting website Accountingweb. However, as it is an accounting website, blogging about being a mum sometimes seems like it would be a little too much information for accountants.

My blog was originally created as a place for me to vent my frustrations about the working world, my life or the world in general.  As my girls have grown up and started school, my blog too has evolved. My blog now aims to help mum bloggers and mum entrepreneurs to get their financial paperwork organised and streamlined so that they have more time to spend on their business.

Since starting maternity leave, I know I have wanted to do more than be a stay at home mum but not so much work that I am struggling to be a mum and pay attention to my kids.  Stay at home mums and full time working mums are brilliant. Everyone is different and I can’t commit to either of those so I’m trying to find a happy medium in between those two extremes, which in reality is probably most mum’s (and dad’s) struggle.  This blog is also about my journey to get there, if I ever do!

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Work With Me

I currently work for myself so that I can have the flexibility of working when I want.


As an accountant I do personal tax returns and bookkeeping. If you do need any accountancy help follow this link to my work website – QA Accountancy Services. I also do some subcontracting work for Aqilla who provide amazing cloud based accounting solutions. Check out my resources page too.  This has some downloads – free and paid which can help you organise your financial paperwork.


I also enjoy writing and hence this blog. If you want some help writing blogs or other content for your website or any other publications, please get in touch. Some of my published work can be found here:

Published work


I love working with other people and I can work with your brand on a variety of sponsored content such as sponsored posts, guest posting, reviews and ambassadorships.

If you want to get in touch or work with me, please use this form or get in touch at nishamilan@gmail.com:

I am a featured blogger on Accountingweb.co.uk  and also featured in BritMums

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