Blogs Change Lives

This book was written by my new blogging idol Aby Moore. I’d like to say this is going to be an objective review of the book but I really can’t find anything to fault. The start of the book has her personal story on  how she started blogging as a diary to record her daughter’s life. It then developed from there into a business with opportunities to go travel and receive things that were earned from her hard work and dedication to her blog.The book then goes into detail about blogging facts and tips on how to turn your blog into a business.  There are so many useful tips that I have covered 4 sides of A4 already trying to write all these down so I can go back and find out more on how to make my blog so much better. I’m only half way through this list!

Throughout the book there are so many inspiring quotes to keep you motivated with action points on what you need to do from finding out who you are writing to and making it clear in your head to who to choose a colour scheme or which scheduling apps to use on social media to help you manage your time more effectively.

As usual, Aby’s way with words makes this book a really inspriing read. As well as this book, she has her own blog with lots of courses to help grow and develop your blog. There is a inner circle membership group which has more information and courses as well as live sessions with Aby. Finally, she also has a podcast with Ceri Gillet which comes out every week about being your business best friends lasting from 40 minutes to an hour. They cover a range of topics relating to online businesses but in a chatty, having a coffee break manner – if that even makes sense!

Her blog and links to everything else can be found here:

Her book can be bought here:

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