Papa 1929 – 2021

But tonight

Tomorrow, everyone will come to pay their respect laden with flowers and food. Prathnas and bhajans will be sung as we mourn the passing of a selfless soul. 
But tonight, as the sun begrudgingly sinks, we will stay with him. We will hold his hands as he takes a long deep breath and goes to sleep for the last time. 

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Interview with a Calculator

Jason is a desktop calculator. He has been a desktop calculator for an accountant for coming up to 10 years. Before being purchased by his owner, he lived in a box in an Amazon warehouse for several years. Here he tells us about his typical day in an accountancy practice and working from home.

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The Highly Profitable Accountant

The Highly Profitable Accountant – Take Control of Your Practice, Make More Money and Get Your Life Back by Rudi Jensen

This book is aimed at people who own their own accountancy practice. It looks into how you can transform your practice so that it is both more profitable and you get freedom from it. It is split up into two parts. Part one about being a better you and working on your mindset. It encourages you to really explore what it is you want out of life and your practice, before working on how to go about it in part two.

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Brown Baby – A memoir of race, family and home by Nikesh Shukla

Brown Baby is a beautiful and thought-provoking book by Nikesh Shukla. I know he has written lots of books but this is the first book I have read and it was like peeking into his life through a long letter he writes to his daughter interwoven with a eulogy to his deceased mum. In the book, he covers a number of things from racism, feminism, death, immigration and being a parent explaining his train of thought about how he got to the opinion he has or even why his opinion is wrong. It is a truly beautiful memoir. 

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Book Review of Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Anthology 2020

I’m not completely sure where my obsession with short stories started from but it is fairly new I think and I’m now so interested in reading them. This book is in its fourth year. I’ve read the first two books, somehow missed out on getting the 2019 one and have just recently finished this on. There are twenty stories and although they are all amazing, I have picked out some of the ones that left a lasting impression.

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Full Circle

From being an employee to self-employed to employee again

When I started blogging around ten years ago, I started off all doey eyed and excited of all the possibilities that lay ahead of me. I was going to work for myself as an accountant and fit it in while I have my kids. It took me ages to get the practising certificate and by the time I got it I felt like the application process itself felt like I had worked hard to earn it. 

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Companies House

For today’s blog, I thought I would go a bit technical and talk about Companies House. I think this is the first time I’ve written a slightly accounts and tax-related blog in ages and I am so conscious of all the potential grammatical and maybe even technical errors. The last time I wrote an article like this, it was proofread and edited by technical editors but anyway here it goes.

Companies House is an executive agency where you can create your limited company in the UK. Once formed Companies House will keep a record of all the relevant details relating to your company along with all the other companies that are formed or have been formed in the UK. There are two ways you can go to see this list. The first is through Webcheck and the other is through this companies house link. I found the second link more useful when I was researching into my grandfather’s history and was looking up some old companies that have now dissolved. 

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I watched this film on Netflix yesterday. I’ve not watched an Indian film for ages although I have started another one but it’s a case of finding the time to watch it! However, with the mother in law here I think I am completely up to date with the goings on in bollywood and catching up on films. Anyway, this film was amazing.

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It’s only September and I’m already getting emails about diaries. I love diaries and planners and have even tried to create some of my own in the past – see this post.

However, it’s generally easier to buy a diary than make one even if I can’t get everything I want into one diary.

So far the diaries that I like and will most likely buy will be from the following:

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The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

I’ve read this book by Charlie Mackesy once already but now my daughter is reading at school, it’s made me want to read it again.

The book is very simple and easy to read but the meanings behind them are so profound, it’s beautiful. Each page can be read on its own and you can dip in and out as you please with beautiful pictures of the four characters. Some of the pictures are in colour and some are in black and white sketches. Seeing them on Instagram and possibly other social media platforms make it easier to be reminded of them.

I’ve added some links to my favourite pages that he has on Instagram.

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