It’s only September and I’m already getting emails about diaries. I love diaries and planners and have even tried to create some of my own in the past – see this post.

However, it’s generally easier to buy a diary than make one even if I can’t get everything I want into one diary.

So far the diaries that I like and will most likely buy will be from the following:

Moonology Diary 2021


I love this diary by Yasmin Boland. When I feel the need, I can dip into it, see what the moon is doing and possibly work out why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling. She also does Facebook live every month where she explains what is happening this month and does ceremonies and chants. It feels a bit too much to follow every month but it’s nice to try every so often.

The Happiness Planner


I’ve just finished reading their email showcasing all their new diaries and obviously wanted to buy them but resisted. It looks good. I like that it’s spiral bound but as it’s a daily diary it feels like it’s could be quite big and I’m not sure it’s that useful for weekly planning at a glance so I’m in two minds.

My Pro Planner


This is the diary I’ve used for the last two years. It’s useful and practical. It has the week over two pages, so you can see what’s happening in one go, it has a monthly overview, blank page for the month and then review at the end of the month. It also has pages at the back to record your finances and your social media stats which I find very useful.

Erin Condren Planner


I’ve been following her planners on pinterest but not yet bought one. These have lots of personalisation options including the colour of the ring binder, your front cover design, having your name on it and what weekly layout you would like. It looks so nice and I really want it but since I’ve not used it before I’m a bit sceptical about buying it. What if it’s not as good as I thought it would be? I have bought planners in the past which looked good but was not so good to use in real life.

Obviously, there are lots more planners out there including digital ones but I know that if I start looking for more I will get even more overwhelmed. Also, with Google and Outlook calendars, I don’t really need a diary but it’s nice in a way to look back and see what happened which I find much easier to do with a book than an online calendar. Plus most diaries give you the option to doodle, review and record everything you want. So many decisions! But love having all these choices!

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