Nikita Gill’s Poems

I’m not sure how I started following Nikita Gill on Instagram. Maybe I saw one of her poems on Instagram that had been re-posted or maybe in a magazine. Either way, I love her poems and I have one of her books – Wild Embers.

The poem below is very inspiring and something I hope to do. Well, I’m going to try and keep striving for!

Another poem that I like is Fairytales. I like reading fairy tales with a twist or such that women come out stronger.

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This was the first fairytale poem I wrote that started all the others. Something that always bothered me about fairytales when I wrote this was how much we expect moral perfection from Princesses. They always sacrificed themselves ultimately to prove their goodness. I wanted to read about girls making mistakes, committing very human error, being vengeful and finding hard won lessons in it all. Instead all I saw was sacrifice after sacrifice – in the original little Mermaid she actually chooses to drown herself over killing the Prince. It ingrained this idea in my head that women must be flawless, we cannot make any mistakes, not even mistakes to learn from. I strived for perfection for years, and hated myself for succumbing to any remotely negative human emotion. I wish someone had told me when I was young that it’s okay to feel angry, and jealous and hurt and sad. That’s why I want to read my daughter flawed fairytales. That’s why I wrote Fierce Fairytales. . . . Edit: by the way, please don’t come to my posts and tell me how much you hate aggressive women and how women and survivors being warriors makes you uncomfortable because women and survivors should only be soft and fragile and kind. Women can be anything they want to be and so can survivors. You do not get to judge how anyone survives their trauma. This isn’t even a radical feminist notion. It is literally common sense. . . . You can buy Fierce Fairytales from the link in my bio. #nikitagill #fiercefairytales #poetry

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Nikita Gill has written so many inspiring poems and the book I have is amazing. I would definitely recommend her books and following her Instagram. Nikita is a British Indian poet and writer of many poetry books.

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