I watched this film on Netflix yesterday. I’ve not watched an Indian film for ages although I have started another one but it’s a case of finding the time to watch it! However, with the mother in law here I think I am completely up to date with the goings on in bollywood and catching up on films. Anyway, this film was amazing.

Badla means revenge. Its based in the UK and is about a woman being accused of murdering her lover after being involved in a hit and run accident where the boy in the other car disappears. She hires the best lawyer in the country to help her get out of this mess. As a business woman of the year she’s very concerned about keeping her reputation clean. Also as a very successful business woman she can afford the best lawyers. The boys mother is however very suspicious and wants to know more.

The rest of the film plays out several scenarios of what may have happened and their motives before revealing the truth. It is a really good film and I would definitely recommend it. The film stars Amitabh Bachhan which is the main reason we watched it. It also has Amrita Singh and that’s where my knowledge of actors I know ends. The main star is an actress called Tapsee Pannu who is very good.

Here is the link to find out more about this film:

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