My Top Five Favourite Quotes

I love reading and collecting quotes.  Sometimes, they come up at just the right time when I’m thinking about whether to go for something or not. Or when something is or isn’t happening in my life and need to rationalise it. Here are my top five favourite quotes.

The universe always works in my favour

This mantra I found from this blog: – For some reason I tend to use it when I am driving and I am late for something. It might be because the story on this blog was when the yoga teacher was late for her class.

I always think, when I’m rushing around that I’m Lewis Hamilton (minus the tax free private jet) and if I put my foot down I’ll get there faster. In reality it hardly makes 5 minutes difference and it becomes very stressful.  Sometimes it works for me, either way it reminds me to slow down.

Actually, this is the only one I use. The next four quotes are what I would like to use and believe in.

I only eat when I’m hungry

I eat too much and too fast. If there’s food in front of me I always do my best to finish it even if I’m not too keen on it. I guess this is how we have been brought up – not to waste food. This now does not help my waist line so I really need to cut back on food. Some days I’m not so bad and I could live with this mantra. Other days, I spend the whole day looking for something just perfect to eat and end up eating loads of crap.

I want to make memories not to do lists

I’m re reading Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford and this quote is from the Hand Free Pledge. Not sure I’ll ever let go of my to do list or lists in general but I’d like to make more memories and not be chained to my lists before I can relax.

I trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way

This is a nice quote and good to remember when you really want something but everything seems to be going wrong for you.  This quote is from Denise Duffield Thomas and her lists of 1111 money mantras. Her book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! is amazing too. You can find more money mantras here:

The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.
Abraham Hicks

Another quote that I think is nice to use especially when you are having a bad day and feel you need something to help change your attitude. Or give a different perspective or outlook to a problem you might be facing.  Either way it’s just a bit of fun.

Well these are five of my favourite quotes.  Every time I see a quote I want to take it and remember it forever and there are lots on Instagram!

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