Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! by Denise Duffield-Thomas

The title ‘Get rich, lucky bitch’ aims to reflect what people think when a women is rich.  Not the hard work that she has put in but that she is lucky and she is a bitch. I had this book in an audio format for quite a while. It came as a bonus for buying another book but I never got round to listening to it. To be honest, I prefer reading to listening so I kept putting it off. Then something happened which reminded me of this book and I started listening to it.

This book has 11 chapters as follows:
  1. Becoming an Amazing Money Manifester
  2. Clear your past money dramas
  3. Set your big money goals
  4. Feel good about your money now
  5. Upgrade your life now
  6. Dealing with your money sabotages
  7. Who is really holding you back from being rich?
  8. Raise your prices
  9. Rearrange the Universe in your favour
  10. How to manifest money quickly
  11. Money loves you

This was quite a good book to read and listen to. The added bonus being that I somehow managed to ‘manifest’ this book for free on kindle too. There were some really good stories about how Denise managed to win competition by being so focused on winning that particular competition. Some of the things that she had managed to win included a 5-star holiday and some free courses. She then decided that winning competitions was not enough and that she wanted to earn more money from her work. The book then goes over some of the things that she tried and what did and didn’t work.


To start with, you need to declutter everything you have and really decide on what you want in your life. You then need to surround yourself with positivity and throw everything at it. Tracking all your money, every single cent is the next thing you need to do and there are free downloads of this available.
Over the next few chapters, Denise lists all the money manifesting rituals that she tried and still does. This includes:
• Mantras
• EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
• Post it notes
• Listen to CD’s with subliminal messages
• Affirmations
• Motivational login and password
• Kinesiology

Positive Thinking

This is only some of the things she mentioned, the book has so much more. She also describes how the Universe wants to help you but if you keep saying negative things only negative things will come to you. However, if you focus on the positives and with your own hard work, these things will also come true. At the same time as reading this, I was reading and listening to so many other things that seemed to say the same thing and that you can manifest a lifestyle you desire if you really believe in it. In reality some of it does seem a little airy but I do get how if you focus on one thing and at the same time work hard at it, you can do it. In hindsight I can see how it worked for me when I was doing my 11+ test. I’m not sure why going to grammar school was so important to me but I do remember working hard and praying hard.

Looking back, I can see how at different stages in my life I have been so focussed on getting some things that this sort of thing has worked for me. At the moment though, I have no idea what I want and feel like I’m in a bit of a limbo. I’m trying and doing a little bit of everything until I hopefully find something that I will like and generate money from it.
I have enjoyed reading this book and I can relate to some of the things that she talks about. There are also some things that I had never considered or things I don’t really know about. I will be trying out EFT if I can find out more. So, starting with decluttering and focusing, I’m off to manifest money!


A fabulous quote to end this with:

What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe.



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