My day as a list

Thought I would try something different and write out my day as a list.  Yesterday was a particularly unproductive day and I felt very frustrated by not getting a lot done.  Tuesday on the other hand had been a really good day. I had managed to complete a few tax returns. Anyway, this was my day yesterday:

  • Press snooze
  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Quickly get ready
  • Wake up the girls

  • Resist the urge to pick up my phone
  • Clean their teeth
  • Cajole them downstairs for breakfast
  • Get their breakfast out
  • Drink hot water and lemon
  • Unload last nights dishwasher
  • Hurry the girls
  • Send them up to get changed
  • Clean their breakfast away
  • Get them changed into their uniforms
  • Break up a fight
  • Comb their hair
  • Break up another fight
  • Get them downstairs
  • Get their shoes and coat on
  • Remind them to pick up their bags
  • Get them into the car
  • Put seat belts on
  • Breathe
  • Go to school
  • Diplomatically decide which one to take into class first
  • Take the eldest in first as usual
  • Extract the youngest off my leg and into her class
  • Drive home
  • Put the kettle on and bread in the toaster
  • Put laptop on
  • Take coffee and toast to desk
  • Check my things to do list
  • Start working
  • Reply to work email queries
  • Put the fan heater on
  • Make another coffee
  • Think about dinner
  • Check the fridge for dinner
  • Make a shopping list
  • Go back to desk to work
  • Phone mum to make sure everyone at home is well
  • Declutter my personal email (aka. procrastination)
  • Do some things I forgot to put on my to do list
  • Do one thing on my to do list
  • Have lunch
  • Prepare the girls snack
  • Contemplate going food shopping
  • Put off going food shopping
  • Work for an hour as I now only have an hour
  • Time for school run just as I’m getting into my work
  • Get there early enough to get good parking
  • Sit in the car and check my phone
  • Walk to the school gates
  • Pick up the youngest first and walk over to pick up the eldest
  • Drag them out of the playground to go home
  • Dodge the speeding cars around blind corners
  • Finally get home
  • Give the girls their snack
  • Tell them to get changed
  • Rush them out of the house for swimming lessons
  • Do some school reading with the girls as they take it in turns to go to their swimming lessons
  • Go home
  • Cook the girls dinner while trying to make them do some homework
  • Feed the girls
  • Cook our dinner
  • Take the girls upstairs
  • Give the girls a shower and wash hair
  • Husband home
  • Leave husband to get them ready for bed
  • Go shopping
  • Buy too much but hold onto the receipt
  • Come back and put shopping away
  • Tuck the girls to sleep
  • Finish cooking
  • Eat
  • Watch TV
  • Do some writing – this blog
  • Create a to do list for tomorrow
  • Clean
  • Go to bed

Not a bad day really but was very tired all day. On Tuesday when I did get a lot of work done, I promised myself that if I do the tax returns which had been bugging me for about two weeks (well, for a few months), I’d go yoga on Wednesday in the day time.  Somehow that was enough incentive to actually do some work.

Yesterday I didn’t have any incentive except that I really, really, really ought to do it.  I might possibly need to create rewards for myself to get some work done. Or at least the stuff that I keep putting off doing.

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4 thoughts on “My day as a list

  1. I’m tired just reading that list! It’s funny how much we actually do in a day, even on our ‘unproductive’ days! I like this idea of writing everything down, it might force me to face how much time I waste procrastinating and being busy but not really productive. x #TheListLinky


  2. Seeing it in a list is actually quite eye opening, isn’t it? I wonder if you put the time slots in, might it help. Just to see how much time you spent on each activity/to do item. This is so going to be me in a couple years when both my daughters start school. Dreading it every bit. #thelistlinky


    1. Adding time to what I do is a good idea. Or even if I set myself some times so that at a certain time I need to do this regardless of what I am doing right now. This is definitely my next step.


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