My Favourite Accounting Apps

These are just my favourite accounting apps and in the link to their website, which can be found by clicking the title, has no affiliate links that I benefit from.  There are obviously so many accounting apps out there that will help you sort out your finances and keep you on top of your paperwork and sometimes you just have to use trial and error to find the ones you are happy with.

There are a lot of things that can affect your choice starting with the price which can be dependent on how often you use it, how many transactions you make or how many users you have.  The ease of using it will also be another factor that you will need to consider.  The pricing details can be found on their websites. My reviews are based on how I found using it.

This was on offer when I purchased it and so far has been good value for money.  I have only purchased the invoicing part of it, as sending out invoices or at least preparing them when on the go or when I remember it is so useful.  So once you have set it up with your details and most of your customers details, and your product or service lists, its so simple to use and send out.  Yu can also tailor it with your own logo, online payment or even paypal information to make receving income from your customers really easy too.
Dropbox/Google Drive
Two of the best things ever!  Especially after my Ransomware scare which you can read about here. Not sure what else to say about this except it has been very useful to have on the phone when you just need to check some information for a client or read something when you have a few spare minutes.  I prefer dropbox to google drive at the moment as you can save documents in the regular word and excel version that I’m are used to. It was also easier to recover my corrupted files from dropbox than google drive. I do have google drive too though and if you have more than one gmail account, you can select which account you are using or saving items to which is very useful if you have a specific work related document that you need to have a look at.
I do have this on my phone and have occasionally used when on the go.  Its useful to have but not sure if it is a work essential especially in the age of Whatsapp and other instant messaging and video call facility.
It feels like any accountant specialising in small company accounts should be using this accounting package.  It is very intuitive especially if you have it linked to other apps such as receipt bank and others. If you have Xero, you don’t really need Invoice2go as you do have the functionality of raising invoices where you are on Xero.  However, with Xero, their main selling point is all the accounts functionality that it has.  The app is mainly based around invoicing and its receipt recording functionality.  Receipt bank is defintely better at this part but if you don’t fancy forking out for two different apps, then Xero does have the functionality of taking photos of your receipts and expenses.
This is a really good app for capturing expenses and once you’ve checked that its captured the information correctly, you can get rid of the original receipt.  All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and that is more or less it.  If you receive invoices by email, you can forward it to your receiptbank email address and again it will update all the information for you.  If you have it linked to an accounting package like Xero, then it will update all the information and link it to the correct nominal code.  However, you can download it onto excel and then use the spreadsheet to do your accounts.

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