Bollywood Wives

I love Bollywood films and Bollywood Wives captures this so well! I grew up in an era before the Indian film industry was known as Bollywood. My childhood revolved around Indian film songs and reading Indian filmy magazines such as Cineblitz, stardust and Cineworld (from what I can remember).

As I got older, other things took over and watching Bollywood films became more of a luxury. At the same time, the Indian film industry has evolved producing more thought-provoking films in the mainstream as well as the much-loved musicals. So when this book came along, I was excited but a little bit dubious. Was it going to be like the filmy magazines – a little bit trashy and over the top? Or will it be thought-provoking?


Once I started reading it, I was gripped. It turned out to be a thriller, keeping you guessing right till the end about who had done it. It was a brilliant read and once I started, I didn’t want to stop. In fact, until I got to the last few pages, everything else had gone on hold. Then, when I  realised that the book was ending, I stopped, almost because I didn’t want it to end (plus I had to get ready!).

My tweet while I was reading it!

Set in England

One thing I loved about Bollywood Wives was that it was set in England, in the current situation mentioning the mayor of London and Brexit. I love it when a book is relatable like that. It also mentioned famous Bollywood personalities dropping into events and functions like it was normal. Finally, the characters in the story were brilliant. You could almost imagine this glittering over the top lifestyle these people live in but also how they are still normal people getting a bit lost and trying to fit in and find real friends.

It was a really good book with just enough excitement and glamour with an underlying whodunnit theme. I would definitely recommend this book. An easy read chick-lit.

You can buy this book on amazon kindle. I currently don’t have an affiliation or earn any commission if you buy from amazon but I’ve attached the link here:

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