The Universe has your back

I recently watched a YouTube presentation. It was from Oprah Winfrey’s YouTube Channel and the talk was by Gabrielle Bernstein. One of the main things I got from it was about surrendering. The thing is, I know this idea of surrendering works but I still find it hard to keep doing.

You can watch the YouTube video and then download my summary of this YouTube video – The Universe has your back – here:


On the back of this YouTube video, I did end up buying the book of the same name. I have just finished reading it but I feel like re-reading it again almost straight away.

The book emphasizes the points made in the video above in more depth. Additionally, there are links to some of Gabrielle’s free guided meditation that you can download from her website. In the book, Gabrielle outlines different ways to connect to the Universe and the exercises are to help you find one (or more) that works for you.


The chapters in the books are as follows:

  1. You have a hidden power
  2. You are the dreamer of your dream
  3. You are always being guided. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  4. Your vibes speak louder than your words
  5. The Universe works fast when you’re having fun!
  6. Obstacles are detours in the right direction
  7. Certainty clears the path for what you desire
  8. The Universe speaks in mysterious ways
  9. Oneness sets you free
  10. You are the Universe
  11. When you think you ‘ve surrendered, surrender more
  12. Be an instrument for love

Kundalini Yoga

Gabrielle is also an advocate of kundalini yoga which seems to be a type of meditative style yoga. There are some links to meditation music which is really good. It was all I could do to stop myself from going on Amazon and looking for books on Kundalini yoga but I have found a class nearby that teaches kundalini yoga so I might give that a go if I have time. I’m sure there must be some online kundalini yoga courses if I was really that desperate but I’m holding out and trying not to rush into things.


One of the main points I got from this book was the idea that fear is what holds us back from getting what we want. It is the surrendering of this fear which will allow us to receive what we desire. Fear in a way is not trusting in the Universe and it, therefore, blocks what we want to come to us. It does sometimes feel a bit hokey pokey but I think I can believe in this and have witnessed it for myself. When I give up wanting something, I tend to get it but I really do have to give up wanting it.

This can also be one of the hardest things to do. I naturally worry about everything and giving that up and hoping for the best while doing your best is hard to do. Not a hard concept, just hard to actually do.

Doing things with love and appreciating what you have are another two things that you need to work on according to the book.

Seeing 11:11

Another amazing thing that happened twice while I was reading this book, I saw the number 11:11. In the book and in the video, she says that if you ask for a sign for confirmation of whether you are on the right path, you will receive it. 11:11 is a known lucky symbol. Although both times I saw this I felt good that I was on the right track but also a little unsure what it was trying to tell me.

I loved this book and there are a course and membership which normally follows off the back of these type of books. For now, I’m just happy going over and attempting the exercises and meditations in this book. A brilliant book and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover Gabrielle Bernstein. You can visit her website at or buy her book at:

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