To Love and Let Go

Here is my book review of To Love and Let Go by Rachel Brathen.

Wow! What a powerful and heart-wrenching book. I read this book on a weekend spa break and was openly crying over the pages. I felt like I was there with Rachel Brathen, feeling her pain as she dealt with the death of the three closest people in her life. At the same time, she had to deal with the fragility of her mum’s life and the heartaches that came with her mum trying to commit suicide several times for various reasons.

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Back to work again

It’s been ages since I last blogged about anything. I’ve started writing a few and drafted a few but never got round to finishing or posting it anywhere. Being back to work feels good and I think a catch up is long overdue.

After finishing my last job, I realised that I enjoyed working in an office but I did specifically want a part-time job. I also enjoy working for someone else rather than myself because I only have to worry about doing the work rather than everything else related to running your own business. There’s less responsibility and therefore stress. Also, unless I want to think about work, when I finish for the day, that’s it. I don’t have to stay up till late trying to finish off things. 

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They Ask You Answer

They ask you answer: A revolutionary approach to inbound sales, content marketing and today’s digital consumer by Marcus Sheridan. I finally got around to reading this book and it really did live up to its hype. I don’t work in sales or marketing but I do like blogging and writing so I thought it would be useful. This along with the fact that Karen Reyburn of The Profitable Firm recommends this book so much is possibly the only reason that made me even read this book.

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Calm Sleep Stories

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with sleep. I’m sure when they are ready they will start sleeping through the night easily. Until they do, I think I will be obsessed with it.

When the girls were babies, I used to love getting the girls ready for bed. A little while after dinner, we would come up, give them a bath, gently wash their hair and then wrap them up in a big towel. Once in the bedroom, I would rub oil or cream and massage it into their chubby little bodies, then put their nappies and nighttime onesies on and then read to them. I would put some music on and then lie with them until they fell asleep. I too would ‘nap’ or fall asleep with them for a bit and then creep out the room trying not to wake them up. Even then some days were better than others but there were more good days.

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Change is the only constant

Yeah, I know the title is such a common cliche but I feel almost overwhelmed with so much change happening at the moment. For a start, I decided to put the picture on the right instead of the left! In the media, there are always stories about Brexit, climate control, equality and diversity. And me! With the girls’ summer holidays almost over along with my self-declared break, the reality of looking for a new job is getting closer.

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Short story course – session 5

Last week, on the first Wednesday of August, I went to the penultimate class of the short story course that I have been attending. I feel quite sad that I only have one more class left to go to. Out of the six classes, I missed only one class due to it being my husband’s birthday. If you miss a class though, you do get all the notes and homework from that class so it was ok. This time, the two-hour session was on characterisation and the pace of your short story. 

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