What’s new in the blogging world

After spending so much time off blogging, going back to it felt a bit alien in some cases. The first few days of the blogging took me ages to actually publish a post. I was creating a post on my phone and then editing on the laptop and then for some reason, it just wouldn’t publish.

Also, I’ve somehow got two sites? I think. I have about 50 followers on one and 20 on another, email followers on one of them too. It might have something to do with moving it back to WordPress from Bluehost. I have no idea how to fix that but I should probably get in touch with someone at WordPress. After the first few days, I seemed to have figured out how to publish and not really sure what happened at the beginning.

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It’s only September and I’m already getting emails about diaries. I love diaries and planners and have even tried to create some of my own in the past – see this post.

However, it’s generally easier to buy a diary than make one even if I can’t get everything I want into one diary.

So far the diaries that I like and will most likely buy will be from the following:

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Inspirational Quotes

I love collecting quotes so I thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes below:


I mean why else do anything!


This is so true and possibly why I love reading.


Some things work out some things don’t. You never know until you try.


Just great quotes to try and live by!

In my rush to post yesterday I forgot to credit my inspiration for this post to Life’s Fine Whine who I follow here. This is her latest inspirational quotes post and whose last post I had planned to reblog. As a short story enthusiast, I really loved this short story.. The worst date

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

I’ve read this book by Charlie Mackesy once already but now my daughter is reading at school, it’s made me want to read it again.

The book is very simple and easy to read but the meanings behind them are so profound, it’s beautiful. Each page can be read on its own and you can dip in and out as you please with beautiful pictures of the four characters. Some of the pictures are in colour and some are in black and white sketches. Seeing them on Instagram and possibly other social media platforms make it easier to be reminded of them.

I’ve added some links to my favourite pages that he has on Instagram.

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Blogging Journey

Every so often, when this question comes up, ‘Why did I start blogging?, it makes me stop and think about what I am doing.  After spending so long without blogging, I’m finding it hard to really back into it.

Every year, the blogger, Aby Moore does a week long wrap party around December to give you a chance to look over your year and plan for the following year. I found an old post with the questions from one of the wrap party and I thought I would have another go at answering these questions.

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First Day At Home

Today was the first day at home without the kids. Up until now, I’ve been at work and juggling staggered opening times at school with my work hours. I’m not quite home alone but it’s still without kids and I have a list of things to do. One of them was an attempt to get a few backup blogs ready for this week. I’ve been good for the last five days but I feel like I’m already waning.

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