Tri Eka – A Review of the show 7.7.18

This is the first time I have done a dance review and I premiered it with Tri-Eka, a show by my former dance teacher’s daughter, Anaya Bolar.

Normally when I go to shows I go with both my daughters or neither and try and find some friends to go with. This time, I decided to go with my eldest daughter, the younger one always falls asleep or spends the whole show talking. So I thought I would try out one to one and hopefully be able to watch this show!

Anyway, even before I went I was slightly biased. The main dancer was my dance teachers daughter and I personally think she’s amazing. I last saw her live on her arangetram. I’ve also seen her on TV in the national dancers competition.

The show was split into two halves. The first half was the more traditional solo pieces while the second half had more modern contemporary feel to it. The lighting and smoke geve the traditional dance a modern edge but the actual songs are very traditional.

The first half

The very first dance started off without any sound and with blue lighting causing eerie shadows in the smoke that was being pumped out. I almost tried not to breathe my heavy, hayfever laden breaths, as Anaya confidently started dancing. When the music started in the first piece it felt like it started half way but the light went on at the same time so it was a little odd but I think it was meant to be like that. Anaya’s dancing though, is always on point to the beat, so perfectly on beat and she makes it look effortless.

The second dance was another traditional bharatnatyam dance. A super quick costume change had us waiting in the dark for about 5 minutes if that and then she was back on stage dancing perfectly on time with strong accurate dance positions. For some reason, there were bits of her dance that reminded me of Jyoti, another amazing effortless dancer who was taught by Chitraji.

The final dance in the first half was a duet with a kathak dancer. That was less traditional in the music and song and more dramatic and exciting. There were spins, live tabla and mridangam speed competition and a live sitar player. It was fun and lively and both dancers were really amazing.

The second half

After the break, the second half started. This was the modern dancing part. I understand this little less but I still enjoyed it. My daughter too seemed like she wanted to join in as she made a small attempt to copy their arm action.

There were three dancers who each had their own white banner. Two of the dancers on each side were really fast in their movements and dancing while the one in the middle was really still and slow emphasising the contrast. At other times all three were in harmony and taking it in turns to repeat the same action. It was different but still so good.

I love lines, strong lines from the position of their arms and being on time to the beat. For this reason, Ananya’s dance was really good and I loved watching it.


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