Yuva Nartan 2018 – A review

Dancers of Yuva Nartan 2018

On Saturday 27th October 2018, Yuva Nartan took place. It is an annual Indian classical dance and music show organised by Nupur Arts. This festival was made up of eight performances with a break in between.

Part 1

The first dance was a kathak piece accompanied by a live tabla, santoor and vocals. Seetal Kaur performed this dance and it was a mesmerising and beautiful dance.

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Tri Eka – A Review of the show 7.7.18

This is the first time I have done a dance review and I premiered it with Tri-Eka, a show by my former dance teacher’s daughter, Anaya Bolar.

Normally when I go to shows I go with both my daughters or neither and try and find some friends to go with. This time, I decided to go with my eldest daughter, the younger one always falls asleep or spends the whole show talking. So I thought I would try out one to one and hopefully be able to watch this show!
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The lines of the body

In my last blog on Bikram yoga I wrote that I don’t know why I love Bikram yoga so much so that whenever I get an opportunity to go, I do. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about it and started making a list

  • Good for me
  • Helps me lose weight
  • I feel good
  • It’s good for my back
  • Increase my flexibility

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