The Wealth Chef

The Wealth Chef by Ann Wilson

This is a practical book showing you how to get your personal finances sorted.  It’s not a wishy-washy book saying here are all your options, now go and find something that works for you. The book has a step by step guide like following a recipe to get out of debt and start saving.

The chapters in the book are:
  1. Welcome to the Ultimate Wealth Cookbook
  2. My Story
  3. Wealth Cooking: The Fundamentals
  4. Ingredients and Spices
  5. Your Wealth Cooking Scales
  6. The Obsession Magnet and the Big Why Sieve
  7. The Wealth Health Certificate
  8. Planning the Feast
  9. Meet the Chef
  10. Wealth Recipe #1: Easy Wealth Pie
  11. Wealth Recipe #2: Expand Your Dough
  12. Wealth Recipe #3: Blitz that Debt!
  13. Wealth Recipe #4: Protection Pate
  14. Wealth Recipe #5: Mastery
  15. A Marathon or a Sprint?
  16. Momentum

Appendix 1: The Wealth Kitchen

Appendix 2: The Wealth Chef Calendar

Wealth Mindset

Ann does say right from the start that she is not a qualified finance professional and it has been written after her years of trial and error of being in debt and then out of it.  This book gives you a set of rules of what you should do and how to do it.

As it seems to be the norm for this sort of practical, non-fiction style books, it comes with a 30 day email and video challenge.  There are also lots of useful free downloads which is very helpful as I bought the eBook version of it and it was not so easy to see and read some of the charts.

The book starts with getting your mindset ready for being wealthy. This involves writing in a daily journal and saying some wealth mantras every morning. This helps you get ready to be in the zone to be rich.

Finance Spreadsheet

It then moves onto the more practical (and boring) part of sorting your finances.  Firstly, you need to keep a log of all the money you have coming in and what debts you overall. Ann then redefines what assets and liabilities are and then gets you to have a look at your spending habits.

Next, the book cuts up your income into a pie saying how much of your income you should be living on and where the rest of your money should be going.  This involves a percentage going towards your debts, a percentage to investing and a percentage to insurances.

With the insurance part, Ann goes into further details highlighting the scams you should watch out for and also advising which insurances you really should take out.  She also explains why you should do this even if at the time it feels like you are wasting money on things you don’t need.

Financial Freedom Challenge

I haven’t gone through the 30 day financial freedom challenge yet but the book itself with all the downloads is enough to jeep you thinking and getting your finances organised.

Overall, I found this book to be really useful and practical book.  Even though I have finished reading the book, I am going to go back to it to check that I am still following the plans and keeping on top of my finances.

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