How to make your own planner

It’s that time of the year when I start planning what I am going to do for the next quarter and as usual I have created my own planner.

There is a link to buy the planner below, however, because I can’t ever find a planner that I am truly happy with, I decided to have a go at helping you create your own planner. Quarterly planners are easier to start off with as it gives you a chance to change it again if there is something that you are not happy with.

I think the hardest part is creating the PDF in the first place. Below, I have shown you my steps to create a planner.

Planner creation steps
  1. Upload monthly calendars on excel using their standard forms
  2. Create a cover. I use Canva to find and upload a design I like.
  3. Using excel, I update and create all the pages I want in my planner.
  4. Add extras like blogs stats – I use the one created by Aby Moore
  5. Key tax dates – here’s a link to just that for this quarter.
  6. Any other extras you wish including extra notes pages and motivational quotes.
  7. Check, recheck and check again
  8. Upload and send to get it printed and bound.

Getting it printed is another thing that I have tried and tested and finally (for now) have found an online printer that will print just one planner, bound and finished to how you like it. After trying out Blurb, helloprint, even ones that design your own planners, my favourite is FilePrint.  All you have to do is upload the PDF online making sure it all fits and is the right size and then choose your cover, and the page type and that’s it. It’s done.

So as I said, you can buy a physical copy of my planner or buy and immediately download a copy of my planner here.  Or if you just want parts of it, get in touch.

[wpecpp name=”2018 Q2 Planner” price=”8.99″ align=”left”]   Only £8.99

In this quarters planner you will find:
  • Important tax dates for the next 3 months of the year, April, May and June
  • Mileage tracker for your business miles
  • Monthly calendar
  • Yearly calendar
  • Weekly appointment/timesheet over a two page spread
  • A weekly things to do box
  • A weekly exercise, water and menu planner and tracker
  • Areas for reminders/ quotes/ doodles
  • A monthly blog stats tracker

And a lot more pages for notes

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