My Top 5 Parenting Blogs

Here are my top 5 parenting blogs and why I like them. There are so many parenting blogs that its too hard to narrow down the best 5 but I have given it a go and these are my favourite mummy bloggers!  Maybe I’ll do another one later on.

1. Britmums

This has so much information not just about parenting which is good too but also general information about blogging and such.

2. Knackered Mothers Wine Club

There’s wine involved – what’s not to love!  I’ve done a book review of her first book as I thought it was amazing! You can read about that here. Plus from the latest email that got sent today, she has an offer for a crate of wines on with Laithwaites.

3. Hurrah for Gin

There’s gin involved, so again what’s not to love! Plus there’s funny stick figure drawings which would be enough to read by itself.  The writing in her blogs are so easy to read and like. Finally she also has a book out by the same name which I’ve bought but not yet got round to reading.

4. Mummyem

Only recently discovered this blog but its so easy to read and quite funny.  It’s a very personal blog and I feel quite privileged to be able to read her stories and see her pictures.  I think all personal blogs are quite touching though.

5. Tots100

This is another great site for parent bloggers. I think there is more focus on blogging but there are still a lot of great articles related to parenting.


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