The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

This book is by Helen McGinn.  I love this book and her blog.  The book is so easy to read.  It’s almost like someone is chatting to you and it is full of useful information about wine, which obviously once I’ve tried the wine she is talking about (from the blogs) I’ve obviously completely forgotten all the clever parts.

The best thing about it is that even if you forget, you can go back to it and refer to all the relevant parts and remember a few wines and carry on.  I have just counted and I have 6 folded corners that I wanted to come back to at some point.  It has useful information on how to read labels, about the different types of grapes and vintages and what wine would go best with which foods.

On the plus side, it has made me more comfortable trying out new wines and not feeling like a complete dork while walking down the wine aisle at a supermarket.  I can now even pick up a bottle and understand some of the gobbledygook on the label!

Oh and I definitely want to start a wine and book club.  How cool is that?

This is Helen McGinn’s blog: Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

And her book can be purchased on amazon here:

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