She Means Business by Carrie Green

This is a really inspiring book. From the title, you’d think it was a very technical business book with lots of business plans and marketing strategy. It does have some technical advice, however, it’s more geared towards motivating you and giving you techniques in how to make your dreams to come true.

The book is split into three parts and with lots of chapters in each section, although some chapters are only a page long.  The three parts are:

1.       She shows up for her dreams

2.       She gets herself out there to shine

3.       She’s unstoppable

The first part is about working on yourself and conditioning yourself for success and to allow yourself to imagine your business can be a success.  There are great quotes throughout the chapters and lots of tips on how to imagine yourself being successful.  At the end of nearly every chapter there is a list of questions, under the title, she asks questions where she makes you think or do some things for yourself.  So far the first two – about starting a journal and creating a vision board I’ve already taken on board.  This is the first time I’ve ever done a vision board and I feel a bit self-conscious about doing it. It feels like something you should do when you are at school or at Uni, not when you’re almost 40 and a mum to two girls.  It felt good doing it though but I’m still embarrassed to hang it up anywhere. I really love writing a journal and have recently started doing that anyway but I decided to start another one in order to follow what is going on in this book.

The second part is about your business.  Some of the points are the usual, find your niche, mission, audience and target them which I’ve heard a million billion times and go above and beyond to help them.  However, it also point out that sometimes, you just need to start and then you will find where you are going and your business will evolve as you go along.

The third part is about growing your business and to keep going even when you feel like giving up. In the book, Carrie accepts that there will be ups and downs but to use the failures as a learning point to keep going.

Along with this book is the 28 day She Means Business challenge.  This is included at the end of the book but you can also download it from her website along with a daily calendar with points and free resources that will keep you motivated to do the challenge.  The worksheet will direct you to the part of the book it refers to as it is not always in the order of the way its listed in the book.

At the end of each three parts, there is a checklist which summarises the chapters in that part and as it’s a checklist, you can tick off as you do them.

There have been quite a few books that I have read recently that are almost like an interactive workbook which I have listed below:

The Conquer Kit by Natalie McNeil

The Go To Expert by Heather Townsend and Jon Baker

Mumpreneur by Annabel Karmel

Yoga Girl by Rachael Brathen (although that’s about yoga rather than business!)


All of these books have something to download and lots of questions to ask about yourself and other little tips and inspiration to keep you pursuing your dreams. So far or maybe it’s because I’ve just read it, this book has been the most inspiring and especially the first part about preparing and visualising yourself being successful in whatever you do.

I’m going to go back now and finish the challenge and there may even be an update to this review.  However, as it stands now, this is another great book.  It is aimed at women but I think it can benefit anyone who needs a big dose of motivation to keep going if you’re starting to feel a bit despondent and lost with your dreams and plans.


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