The Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil

This is another book about starting, progressing and excelling in your chosen business.

The chapters are called steps and you have to go through each step in order. In each chapter there are tasks for you to do and at the beginning of each task, there’s a time frame as to how long that particular task should take.  The book is designed as a workbook that you can write in, like the type you used to get at school.  However, the one big difference between this book and other business books that I have read is that there is a lot of emphasis on meditation and about gut feelings which is quite an unusual focus.  Recently, I’ve come across and read a lot about how meditation has the power to calm, change and influence things in your life.  I think it might be something I might have a look into a bit more again.  I used to meditate a bit pre kids and I would love to get into it again and possibly with my girls.

Anyway, going back to the book, at the beginning of the book, there are links to her website where you can find her meditations and download some free worksheets.  I think like most business books, I seem to get stuck at the first hurdle where you need to find your business idea or niche and then develop it.  For me, tax and accounts is one of the main things I can and I do work in but I’m not sure I have much passion for it anymore or at least not at the moment.

This book isn’t designed to be read and completed in a few days (which is what I did) and like most books I want to go back and study it some more, especially the first two chapters where you work out what you’re good at and what you want to do.  There are 8 steps in this book, starting with finding your passion, then to creating your product or service, the third step is the legal and technical side of your business, the fourth step is about the financial side with meditation (an interesting idea!), then marketing, building your team, to making your business plan to finally getting organised with a calendar to set everything in motion.  The advice on building your team was a good chapter with lots of things to think about when finding people to work with and for you.

It’s main focus is on women entrepreneurs and it certainly appealed to me with all the meditation, sketching, collaging and other creative ways of designing your business plan.  It’s a lovely book which encourages you to follow the steps and the complete the tasks to create your business plan in a really simple and exciting way.  There are also lots of free, helpful resources and planning tips to make your business a success.

A link to the book can be found on the amazon website as below:

2016-09-05 11.41.03


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