The Playground Mafia


This is my first book review for a book I received from Britmums.  Normally, I think once I’ve finished doing everything, I will sit down and read the book and I’m sure there must be some format to do a proper book review but as soon as I got this book, I couldn’t put it down.  I opened the book and thought I would have a quick review but as soon as I started reading, I could feel myself nodding my head in agreement.  The Hot Mum? –  Oh yeah, I know her at the school gate!  The Snooty mum – I know her too.  The Naughty Child mum – oh no, that sounds a bit like me – eeekk!  It’s so funny especially as my daughter has just started school and I’m still getting to know all the mums,  it’s easy to put a label on them.  Although, in real life once you get to know them, the snooty mum is not really that snooty and the hot mum is quite normal too!

It’s a nice pocket size book with a sketch of each type of mum (and a couple of dads) and a checklist of what to expect from that type of mum and then a little description or a little story about each mum and the type of cocktail they would be. The paralyser sounds about right!

I think these should be on sale at school gates on the first day of school for all new parents!  It’s such a funny book.

3 thoughts on “The Playground Mafia

  1. I had a similar idea to you about how schools might make use of this book and I love that you realise that stereotypes are just that and we should give people a chance


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