Practising Certificate

I can’t see the point in me having a practicing certificate.  I know when I first started to apply for it, I was getting frustrated at what a long process it was, trying to update it, get everything signed, send everything off etc.  When I got the certificate it really did feel like a sense of achievement but I am (fairly) happy doing work for others on a subcontract basis. I do a few tax returns, only two that I get paid for and I think my ATT certificate covers that so at the moment I really can’t see the point in having a practicing certificate. 

However, maybe some time in the future that might be a different case and then I’m not so sure how easy it will be to renew and get a new practicing certificate.  I will double check my ATT certificate to make sure it covers everything that I do but I am certain that it does.  I’m still an FCCA and I’m not thinking of giving that up yet especially as I work for myself.  I think if I ever look for more work, I do have that to sell myself but I don’t think I’m even interested in being able to sign off accounts really.

I was also thinking what my career would be like if I hadn’t become pregnant.  I think I would have moved into tax. I was looking to move into tax but then I became pregnant so I stopped looking. However, when I was about 6 months pregnant I received a lot of calls from agencies saying they were looking for someone to work in tax. I’ve made my peace with the timing of the career move and having babies but what I have realised is that I’ve been working in practice doing accounts and bookkeeping and even auditing for most of my working life and I’m so bored of it! (I deleted bored three times in an attempt to not sound like a spoilt kid but that’s the reality!)

I know there have been changes with everything going to cloud and learning how to use new systems in the cloud etc. is interesting but working in practice is something I think I want to move out of.  It took me two subcontracts to realise that but I do have one subcontract which on the face of it is very simple but it’s interesting as I am still working in accounts but doing something different.  But then I get worried that what if it doesn’t last forever?  What if the only thing I can do is bookkeeping and accounts preparation because I have been doing this all my life and I am shooting myself in the foot if I stop doing that?

I still sometimes think I would like to move into tax but if I did move now I would need to spend time to get up to date and what I have realised this year is that I want to spend more time with my kids while I have the luxury of doing so but still earn a bit to give my free time some purpose.  I still have battles with myself as to whether to work more or if I’m even a good mum but maybe that will be for another blog.


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