A weekly timetable to help organise your life

Regardless of what happens in life, some things have to carry on in as much of a routine as possible.  So even though the year started off with a funeral and in a few months we might be moving houses, the girls still have school and nursery to go to and I still need to do some work and we all need to eat healthily.

I’ve decided for now that I can only cope with one part time job (if I want to keep my sanity and health in tact) and especially for this year.  I feel bad that I keep messing around with people I work with but I never realised how life with kids might change my perspective on life.  I’ve decided that I do not want to be superwoman and try and do everything but to prioritise what is important and do as much as I can.

Anyway, in order to schedule in the most important things in life: eating; sleeping; relaxing; work and school, I have created a timetable from 6am to 10pm which technically should give you 8 hours of sleep (if you don’t get sucked into the box sets).  This timetable can be used to schedule in everything from getting ready, to the time it takes to cook and clean and fit in the school run.  This should then give you a better idea of where all your time is going and then you can decide how much work or other activities you can fit in to your day.

Weekly timetable

This year is going to be a good year.  I’m going to keep being positive about it all.

www. artworkshopwebsite.com (1)

2 thoughts on “A weekly timetable to help organise your life

  1. Thanks for that!

    I’ll have a look at both of those links although I have got quite a few apps wunderlist, evernote, doodle and they all claim to do similar stuff. At the moment I like Evernote a lot and the calendar on my phone because it combines all the calendars work and personal.


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