Billionaire Boy – Live on stage

At the beginning of March we went to see David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy live on stage at DeMontfort Hall. I’ve not read the book but I know my eldest daughter loves his book so I decided to book it and see what happens.

Spoiler Alert!

It was fantastic! Spoiler alert in case you’ve not read the book either. It was about a boy whose dad had become rich selling a unique type of toilet paper called bumfresh. Very apt considering the toilet paper shortages at the moment. Only problem was that the boy, Joe was lonely and just wanted a friend and to be normal.

It was funny and nostalgic. There were little twists and turns to the story line. You could almost imagine what it’s like to be back at school with incidents such as coming almost last in the cross country runs, dealing with bullies, while trying to make friends. Not forgetting the typically horrible school dinners and spending money at the local sweet shop/corner shop as if almost to compensate for it.

Daughters loved the show

It was a really enjoyable show and both my daughters aged 9 & 7 enjoyed it. I was a little unsure about my 7 year old as it was on til late, and she generally falls asleep if she has sit still for too long. But not this time!

I would definitely recommend this play. The show was produced and performed by the Birmingham Stage Company and I will be looking out for more productions similar to this.

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