Surviving the first month of the pandemic

The last weekend we went out was the weekend beginning on Friday 6th March 2020. That weekend we went to see the show Billionaire Boy on Friday, we went to a party on Saturday in the Midlands and also saw my mum and grandparents that weekend. Sunday we went out to eat and saw the light show in the town centre. On 11th March 2020, WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic.

Slowly locking down

The following weekend we decided to stay at home. The girls’ dance show was cancelled due to coronavirus and so we had an unexpected free weekend with only a piano competition to go to. On Wednesday 18th March 2020, my youngest daughter was told to stay at home as there were not enough staff to look after key stage 1. Luckily my husband was working from home. On Friday, the school was shut down with only children of key workers going in. On Monday 23rd March, I got told that I was going to be put on unpaid leave and hopefully furloughed pay, once all the information regarding that came through. And so that was it. We’ve been at home ever since, only going out to buy groceries and dropping off some shopping to the in-laws.

5 pm Briefings

Throughout all this, I’ve gone from feeling this is great, I get to spend time with my daughters and maybe do some hobbies, to facing the reality of the pandemic. Tuning in to the PM’s 5 pm briefing has become a national rite. Watching the horrors of the increase in deaths, the errors and successes in trying to handle this pandemic including the Excel centre in London turning into a hospital for 4000 patients, the selflessness of the NHS staff and all sorts of other key workers who are still carrying on with their jobs to keep the country running, while we stay locked up inside our lovely homes, is humbling.

I have gone from worrying about the health of each and every member of my family with every cough, sniffle or sneeze to trying to live in the moment and appreciating what we have right now. What will life be like once this is over? Will there be a job to go back to? How will our economy survive? What will change once we are on the other side of this pandemic? How long will it last? Will we ever be the same again?

Keeping track of what’s going on

There is a post on Facebook at the moment which sums up what is going on and also what made me write this blog:

I have gone from worrying about homeschooling my daughters and what to teach them to appreciating, even if slightly overwhelmed, with all the free resources available to them. From thinking I have endless time to do things with the girls and by myself to becoming very busy following online timetables and classes. From pretending we are on holiday to trying to get a bit of structure into our lives. From wishing, I was still in my old job and working from home to being ok with attempting to home school my daughters. From feeling cooped up to being glad that we have a house and a garden.

Until further notice

If we survive this we should be okay. March has mostly been about trying to adapt to this new lifestyle mainly because the schools could be closed for a long time. From now until school starts, life will be strange. Even after the lockdown is over, I think I will still worry about it. Hopefully, the girls will remember it as a mostly idyllic time spent at home.

The girls are getting their outfits ready for a fancy dress #PEwithJoe for the morning and I’ve printed half a rain-forest with work for the girls to do. We carry on until further notice.

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