The Magical Unfolding

The Magical Unfolding by Helen Rebello

This is a beautiful book combining personal development with mindfulness and meditation. It also touches on traditional Chinese medicine and shiatsu massage both of which now intrigues me and I want to find out more about them.

The book is split into three parts with 14 chapters as follows:


Part 1

  1. Matrix Myth
  2. Meet the Real You
  3. The Actual  Matrix

Interlude 1 – on magic

Part 2

  • Process 1 – Unfold your cape of possibility
  • Process 2 – Motivate yourself – own your miraculousness
  • Process 3 – Assess yourself – Embrace your uniqueness
  • Process 4 – Ground yourself – Uncover your super powers
  • Process 5 – Ignite yourself – Honour your inner sparkle
  • Process 6 – Centre yourself – rediscover your core blueprint
  • Process 7 – Align yourself – unravel your magical manifesto
  • Process 8 – Liberate yourself – claim your personal power

Interlude 2 – a love letter for your journey

Part 3

  1. Celebrate your journey
  2. How to protect your cape of possibility
  3. What to do when

Part one

Part one of the book starts off with a pledge that you will give yourself the best chance possible to follow the steps in the book to make changes in the life. This pledge can be written out or there is an online version that can be downloaded. There are eight steps to take to help you make changes. This first part outlines the ways in which society has conditioned you into thinking how your life should look like but how it is failing so many people.

From the beginning and throughout the whole book, Helen tells her own story, interspersed with motivational quotes. It describes how Helen started off jumping from one job to another course to find her purpose in life. However, it took her over 25 years to find her true purpose with lots of training including 14 years as a mentor and transformational therapist.

Part two

In part two, the eight processes required to unfold your magic is laid out. At the end of each chapter in this section, there are a list of questions that you should go through and answer. So you will need a pen and paper as you go through this.  However, for this part, there is an online course too which asks the main questions in the book. In the online course, there are downloads to help you go through the questions and to keep a handy reminder. As of yet, I have not completely finished answering all the questions but they are interesting questions.

There are also some new meditating tips in the book too which is quite interesting. Helen also offers some insight to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which is quite interesting. It describes how your feelings can physically affect your body. I have completed the first process where all the build up of the first part helps you to undertake your pledge and don your Cape of Possibility. A cape that will allow you to be open to all the changes that will take place.

Part 3

The final part of the book gives you tips on how to maintain your new habits and practice to help you keep your Cape of Possibility going.

It’s an interesting book if you are looking for a way to change your outlook on life and in the process your life too. I will definitely be re-reading this and will go through the questions further in depth.

Overall, it makes you think about putting yourself first and doing and finding out what you really want to do. After doing the 100 days of gratitude journal, I think I read this book at the right time.

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