The Worst Witch – The Play

On Sunday 24th March 2019 we went to see a play at the Curve – The Worst Witch an adaption of the book (and TV series) of the same name by Jill Murphy.

The play was really good and for the first time, it gave a rough estimate of two hours for the length of the play which was useful for planning what to do after.

A packed thearte

We’ve been to quite a few shows recently at the Curve but I’ve never seen one as packed as this. There were so many people and we were sitting really high up.

I’ve never read any of the worst witch books so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a very uplifting story. The main student around who the story is based is Mildred and she is the worst witch because she is not very good at being witch rather than her being really horible to everyone. The head teacher is strict but to counteract that there is a nice teacher who looks out for Mildred. And as with most schools there is a clique of mean, snobby little girls, one in particular who is mean to Mildred.

The story

The story revolves around how Mildred ended up in Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches and then trying to save the school from Miss Cackle’s evil twin. It was a little slow to start but that could be because I had no idea about the story at all. My friend who I went with said it was different to what she had expected and she has read the books. The lighting and effects were really amazing and a little scary. I always love the live music that is played on stage. It always amazes me how multi-talented these actresses are.

The witches cats were also fantastic and in the programme that I bought, it even tells you how to make it!

There were also lots of children dressed up as the Worst Witch which was fantastic to see.

Both girls loved the show as did I. It was a really lovely end to the weekend.

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