The Cat in the Hat – A Review

The Cat in the Hat is an amazing show. I went to see it with my girls and a friend and her kids at the Curve Theatre on 22nd December 2018.

In a vain attempt to honour Dr Seuss’s books, I’m going to try and rhyme this review.

The story begins like in the book:
Rain pelters down on living room windows, while one bored kid stares out and another one sighs
Attempting to entertain themselves, they pick up a book for a page or two
But then, water guns come out and spray the crowd while bubbles from above, entrance little audience’s big eyes.

Back to the book they go before a cat in a hat with a bow knocks on the door and saunters in
He’s come to have fun, his idea of fun
Which leads to the cat in the hat to say,

‘I can hold up the cup
And the cake!
I can hold up these books!
And the fish on the rake!
I can hold the toy ship
And a little toy man!
And look! With my tail
I can hold a red fan!
I can fan with the fan
As I hop on the ball!’

Just before he falls

The hopping is minimal but the balancing is done, on top of a ball while holding onto all
It is a sight to see, a wonder to behold
That everything balances and nothing has rolled
But that’s not enough, Thing one and Thing two come in and havoc do cause
Breaking things, chasing things and not stopping to pause

The set is magical, the costumes divine and the performers are excellent
It is active and interactive and little ones are besotted
Yet all too soon it comes to an end.

I love the kids shows at the Curve (like Matilda and George’s Marvelous Medicine) and this was no exception. Not sure the review in rhyme above really works but it was a really good show and the girls and myself loved it.

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