Loros Christmas Concert

A collage of three picture - a church, flyer and programme details
Christmas concert at St James the Greater Church
It has been a long time since I last went to a Christmas concert in a church but if I was going to go to one, I’m glad this is the one I went to. The whole concert has been pretty amazing from the singers, musicians to the execution of the whole show.

Little Donkey

I went to this concert because my older daughter was performing the song ‘Little Donkey’ in sign language with the rest of the girls in her Brownies group. They had learnt it over the last two or three sessions and I think they performed it really well.
The concert took place at St James the Greater Church on London Road. A church I have driven past many times and not thought anything about it. From the outside, there’s nothing special and almost blends in with the other old buildings next to it. However, once inside, it is a magnificent sight. It feels quite nostalgic going into a church as growing up, I went to a Church of England school and they had a Christmas service every year in a church. Singing hymns every day in assembly at school was the norm back then.
Once the concert started and remembering church services from my childhood, I did wonder how I was going to stay awake through the whole concert especially as the Brownies were near the end. Unlike services though, the pieces that were read were quite modern and relevant. The other carol singers, choirs and duets were really excellent. The whole concert was very good apart from running a little late which wouldn’t really have been an issue, except that it was a Monday, a school day, and therefore we rushed home straight after, rather than stay for mince pies and mulled wine.

Other performers

The Musical Village Chorale were dressed up in Victorian clothes looked and sounded fabulous. The Loros Singers were dressed in black evening wear. There was a speech by a lady who had received treatment for her grandmother at a Loros hospice which was heart-wrenching to listen to and I couldn’t help welling up.
The show included the Leicester Rock Choir and the Leicester Fosse Brass Ensemble who were both really good especially when they sang and played songs that I recognised. There was a duet who sounded so clear and sweet even if I didn’t really understand what they were singing.
Overall, it was a lovely show and if it wasn’t for Brownies, I don’t think I would have experienced anything like this. It was a beautiful evening.

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