In aid of National Poetry Day

In aid of national poetry day on Thursday, I thought I would go back and have a look at all the poems that I have written on my blog. Turns out its not as easy to find old poems and poetry as I didn’t tag them very well. But I’ve gone back and tagged them all under the category poetry so it should be easier to find – I think. To read other poems that I have written, you can follow this link – Poems.

In the meantime, I decided to re-post this poem which I think is one of the first I wrote. Let me explain the circumstances for this poem and the story behind it. I had started blogging on the free version of WordPress and in that there was a writing 201 poetry challenge for 10 days. Everyday, you got an email with a prompt and a little explanation for the type of poem to be written for that day.  Apart from when I was at school, I’ve not written any poetry.

During this period, I remember my eldest daughter had just started school but as we had struggled to find a school place near our home, I was doing an hour round trip twice a day. It was time consuming travelling so much every day. My days suddenly felt shorter and more unproductive and this poetry challenge became something interesting to do while driving to and from school and nursery. Quite a bit of it was done in the car after reading the email very early in the morning.

Anyway, this poem below was the first poem I wrote. The prompts for day one were: Screen, Haiku and Alliteration. You could then share your poem with others on the same course here: 



Motivations lacking
Screen is still blank
Expectations slipping

A prompt,
A passing thought,
A whisper

Creates a surge of feeling,
A peculiar passion,
A screaming hope

Screen is filled with words,
Happiness and tears tumble out,
Fingers struggle to keep up

A story is created!

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