My top 5 blogs I’ve read this week

So this week would have been a good week to have had some back up blogs ready. With the tax return deadline looming and kids off being ill, it’s been a slightly hectic week and I have a feeling next week will be quite similar.

In order to get a blog out on Friday which has now turned into my thing, I’ve decided to fill this blog with links to some of my favourite blogs I’ve read recently.


Views from the podium

All about Bikram yoga but she generally has very insightful posts.

The yoga studio


Purpose fairy

An inspiring posts when you feel a bit like you’ve lost your way.

15 Toxic Beliefs You should give up to be happy 


Maths with bad drawings

A funny, down to earth perspective on being a mathematician and a maths teacher in the UK.

Life, in Venn Diagrams



A new blog I’ve just started following but I love reading a toddler or babies perspective so this post is really funny. I’m sure my kids are thinking the same.


Small practice blog

Love reading about his week on running an accountancy practice. Maybe something to aspire to if I can stick to one idea!


Not sure if this will become a regular thing but I did have fun doing it. Maybe I’ll have a theme next time rather than 5 random blogs ranging from maths to Bikram yoga to a 3 year olds diary.


2 thoughts on “My top 5 blogs I’ve read this week

  1. Thanks Nisha, for listing my blog. I just read read your interesting blog. Just been very busy this week. I hope all is well with you.


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