Free Weekly Expenses and Mileage Tracker

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Weekly Expense and Mileage Tracker

Keeping track of expenses is essential for a business.  However, it is usually the last thing you think about in the excitement of starting your business.  When tax return season comes, you then start panicking and wondering what expenses you can claim and whether you have remembered everything.

Just doing even one week of keeping track of expenses will help you before the tax return season starts. If you only do one week, it will serve as a prompt for expenses that you made but may have forgotten about. Alternatively, the more weeks you do keep track of expenses, the easier it will be for the year end.

Weekly Expense and Mileage Tracker

You can use this in several ways. You can print it off and fill it in manually. You can fill in the spreadsheet on your laptop and then print it off. In both cases, if you are super-organised, you can even staple all your receipts onto the back of the print out.

Alternatively, you can even create weekly folders on your laptop where you save the spreadsheet and the related expense receipts there. Or invent your own way of saving and keeping track of everything and just use this as a basis to get started.

Whatever you do, do get started!

Weekly Expense and Mileage Tracker