May Cause Miracles

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

This is a comprehensive six-week course in a book. Usually, books like this scare me a little because of the commitment I need to put in. I start a book and then decide that I will pick it up again when I have more time to commit to it. However, this time around, I decided I wanted to read the book first regardless of the fact that you have to read this each day over 42 consecutive days.

The ultimate goal of this book is to create miracles in your life in a similar vein as the law of attraction. If you truly want something it can be yours. However, this is usually easier said than done. In this book, you get a step by step guide on letting go of fear and worry. This is followed by allowing gratitude, forgiveness and love into your life so that you can achieve the miracles you dream of.


Each week covers a separate topic and these are the chapters in the book. In addition, each day of the week has a specific focus regardless of which week you are on. The chapters (and therefore weekly topics) are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Week one – Becoming Miracle Minded
  • Week two – A New Self-Perception
  • Week three – Body Image
  • Week four – Relationships
  • Week five – Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth
  • Week six – Working Miracles
  • Conclusion

The focus of each day is as below:

  • Day 1 – Practice of witnessing
  • Day 2 – Become willing to change
  • Day 3 – Choose a new loving perspective
  • Day 4 – Focus on gratitude
  • Day 5 – Focus on forgiveness
  • Day 6 – Expect miracles
  • Day 7 – Reflect and prepare

Finally, each day is broken up with a morning reflection, an affirmation of the day and an evening exercise with meditation.

So as you can see it is a very intensive and structured practice throughout the six weeks. However, I am glad that I read it all through first. I now have a good idea of what to expect when I do get round to doing it in earnest. In anticipation of doing the 42-day practice, I have created a chart (see link below) to give an overview of what is to come and what to expect every day.

I’ve become a huge Gabby Bernstein fan and I love all her books and this is no different. It is so inspiring and motivating as always and I will definitely go back and read this book again, and hopefully keep to the plan.

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