Beauty and the Beast -Review of the show

Date of show: 23rd December 2017

Place of show: De Montfort Hall, Leicester


A tradition that we started last year is for the four of us to go and see a pantomime at the start of the girls Christmas holiday.  Last year, for my younger daughter’s birthday we had tickets to go and see the pantomime at De Montfort Hall. So this year we decided to do the same. We weren’t disappointed.


Beauty and the Beast is about a girl, Belle, having to go and live with a beast when her father unwittingly promised as much, in order to save his own life. A long time ago the Beast was a handsome prince but his arrogance and love of his own beauty made a fairy cast a spell on him.  This spell turned him into a beast and the only way he could get his good looks back was from true love.

Belle is treated well at the castle and after a trip back home realises that she does care for the Beast and returns back to the castle. The Beast has become ill and she looks after him to good health. They eventually fall in love, the Beast turns back into a prince and they get married and live happily ever after. The moral of the story is not to judge someone by how they look.

Slapstick humour

As usual, the show is filled with slapstick humour. This is mainly provided by Martin, David and Richard and keeps the adults entertained. My youngest daughter kept asking me why I was laughing. Although there was enough dancing and singing that she enjoyed. It was fairly interactive calling a person on to stage, reading out birthday wishes and even calling some kids onto the stage. When the actors came onto the stage, they walk through the aisles where the audience is sitting, spraying water as well as talking to some members of the audience. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show.


Celebrity Actors:

Sam Bailey – an X-Factor winner

Richard McCourt – from Dom and Dick

Martin Ballard– from BBC Radio Leicester

David Lonsdale – from different TV shows


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