Writing 201: Poetry – Day 6


So many faces in my face,
Happy faces, angry faces, a face slightly too close.
Is he famous, famous he is!
A blank face, a sad face, a face now looking at me.

This is my face, my face is this.
I am who ‘I imagine’

I am ‘a mum’, my face glows with unquestioning love but also marked with permanent worry lines for their future,

I am a wife, my face is full of hope and dreams of our future together, as well as exasperation as we try and get there or not,

I am a daughter and granddaughter, my face shows utmost respect and admiration

I am a daughter in law, I bite my tongue and keep my face pleasant

I am ‘an accountant’, my face needs to be serious and studious

I am a friend, my face shows creases from laughing so hard.

This is my face, my many, many faces but I am still me.



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