Let’s Dance


I think one of my earliest memories of dancing has go to be going to the ‘temple’ during Navratri and doing garba. This is before the temple was even built so at the time we used to hire a school hall and go the dancing there.  As a natural order, we then started putting on garba shows at the school and then around the country.  I remember being 6 when I did my first dance show and there were so many girls that were involved in this dance show.  I remember being nervous and excited to be going on to the stage and pretending not to like the make up that we all had to wear.  From then on nearly every summer holiday, I would be involved in some form of dance practice and shows.

Now my eldest daughter goes to ballet.  She’s only 3 but she seems to love it.  I can’t wait til she’s a bit older and she can go to Bharatnatyam classes and kathak classes.  I wonder what her earliest memory of dancing will.  She loves dancing to the ‘gangnam style’ song! And she does it in time and does some of those actions.  Its not a song I would approve of but everyone else in the family seems to like it! But will she remember that or will she just look back on the billions of videos we make til it becomes her memory?  Before that we would go to mum and baby groups and sing and dance to nursery rhymes.  This will be way before her memory even starts forming so she wouldn’t remember that.  It’s nice I think that songs and music plays an important part in her life though.


Lucky Star

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

by Krista on February 13, 2014
Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?
My first wish is to win the lottery! Not a million pounds nor do I want to end up with just £10. I want just enough to get us out of debt (including mortgage) and save enough to pay for the girls education.  So maybe closer to the million than the £10. But I want to have the need to carry on going to work for both myself and my husband to pay for the day to day stuff and then any extra we earn, we can save up and buy property’s or some other investment.
My second wish would be just for a day to swap bodies with a really famous film or pop star and bask in the glory and adulation of being famous and sexy.  I don’t think I would want to do this every day and I’m sure there are downsides to being rich and famous and glamorous, but for one day only just to experience it would be amazing.
My third wish would be to be an amazing cook.  I hate cooking.  I cook because I have to feed my family.  I hate having to think about what to cook, buy all the stuff, cook it, and then clean up after. But there are people in this world who enjoy doing this and make a living doing this and are really good at doing this.  I wish I could be that good a cook.
Well those are my three wishes.  I think the first one is the one I really wish for, the others two took me some time to think up.. I mean there are more noble causes to wish for such as I wish poverty and cancer and child abuse didn’t exist and with the break through in stem cell research, cancer may be on its way out. Fingers crossed.


5 items on a deserted island

This is the first time I’m attempting to do a blog with ping back. My blog profile and posts are still a work in progress and I keep making changes to it when I get time. I’m lying in bed with the intention of catching up on sleep decided to have a go  at this instead. 


For a start, I would hate to be stranded on a deserted island. I hate camping and I hate being cold. The only reason is be on the island would be if I knew I was getting off in a week. With this in mind my deserted island items are not necessities for survival, just things to entertain myself for a week or so. 

1. My kindle. I’d make sure I’ve downloaded all the books I want to read and that it is fully charged. 

2. Batteries for my kindle to last a week or so. 

3. A journal. So I can write about my experience of living in the wild of maybe I can start a book that I’ve been meaning to do. 

4. Pens and pencils to write with. I’d prefer pen but I guess pencils are more practical. 

5. Sleeping bag. I don’t know if you can get waterproof sleeping bags but I guess they would be more practical and I need something that’s comfortable to lie and sit on. 


I can think of a lot more practical things like water and food but I’m assuming there’s others on this island with the skills to get that sorted! 

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