Happy New School Year

Happy New School Year!

This was an interesting summer holiday juggling work and childcare for six weeks. In so many ways I’m glad they are back to school. We can get back into a routine and they are not just sitting at home doing not a lot. However, I miss the mid-week lie-ins, half-hearted pyjama days and the no rushing around whatsoever. Continue reading “Happy New School Year”

Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford

Hands Free Mama is an amazing book and Rachel has a way of writing which is very emotional and very raw.   The book starts with turning off your gadgets so you can spend more time with your children and partner.  However, it goes into more depth and just turning off your mobile phone is not enough, you need to connect and be present for your kids. Continue reading “Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford”

A Mumpreneur Guide by Annabel Karmel

One of the best things I like to read about is inspiring stories of people (especially women) who have achieved amazing success against all odds. This book is full of motivational stories like this, starting obviously with:

Annabel Karmel – Cookbooks for healthy food ideas for babies and children at different stages of growing up.  This is where I first found out about Annabel Karmel.  I was all into cooking healthy nutritious food for my babies. Continue reading “A Mumpreneur Guide by Annabel Karmel”

My advice to a younger me

Whenever something similar to this has come up in the past, I’ve never had an answer for it.  Also, I smugly think that all of life’s up’s and down’s have made me who I am so I should be grateful for that.

Then the other day, while I was begrudgingly working when I would rather spend time with the kids, I thought to myself I wish I’d worked harder when I was younger. I wish I had strived to earn more and invested my money better, then I could have spent more time relaxing now.

This is the first time (since I was a kid) that I have thought like this.  The first time I have wished for something other than I have. I do have a lot which I am truly grateful for but on days when work gets tough and I get shouty with the kids, I want to pack it all in. After this seed had been planted though, I started thinking about what other things I had wished I had known or I had done earlier.  So here is my list:

  1. Work hard, strive to earn lots of money and save, even if its only a little.
  2. Don’t worry about getting married or finding your true love.  If it’s meant to be, it will happen and sometimes you have to take a risk.
  3. Don’t worry about having kids.  If its meant to be, it will be.
  4. When you look back at life, you will remember the amazing things you have done, even if at the time, some things were a bit scary.  It will be a brilliant experience and a wonderful memory to look back on.
  5. Always find some time to exercise, read and laugh. Always find the time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

The perfect child

When you become a parent, you find there is so much literature about parenting and none of them seem to agree. Plus there’s always new research going on and so articles are always coming out on how to be a good parent. Recently, a Harvard report stated that mums who went out to work had daughters who achieved better at work. So it’s a good thing to go out to work. But I work from home, so it’s that the same thing? I want to be closer to my daughters especially when you hear news of grooming, kidnapping etc I think if nothing else I want to be able to physically protect them as much as I can. The next article that came out was in the guardian about how women shouldn’t rush back to work and stay at home to look after the kids. In principle that sounds good but not everyone can afford to do this and even this makes me feel guilty. Although, I’m at home, in not always playing with them or looking after them because I’m working. Ever since I started reading about parenting, there’s apparently been this big debate about attachment parenting versus putting them in a routine. With my oldest daughter it was more routined with my youngest it became more of an attachment parenting more due to circumstances rather than anything else. They’re both different but I feel guilty about the way I treated them when they were both young. Every time they misbehave I wonder if I’ve done something to damage them which is why they are acting the way they are. Then I think back to my parents and grandparents and think that somehow we’ve all come through childhood, maybe slightly damaged but somehow we’re ok. I might not have everything or be able to do everything we want but generally things are pretty good. Just need to stop worrying so much.

“Our children are only ever lent to us. We never know just how long we will be able to keep them for. So kiss them, cuddle them, praise them and hold them tightly. But most of all… tell them you love them everyday. ” – Carly Marie