Short story course – session 5

Last week, on the first Wednesday of August, I went to the penultimate class of the short story course that I have been attending. I feel quite sad that I only have one more class left to go to. Out of the six classes, I missed only one class due to it being my husband’s birthday. If you miss a class though, you do get all the notes and homework from that class so it was ok. This time, the two-hour session was on characterisation and the pace of your short story. 

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Short Story Writing Course – Day 2

On Wednesday 1st May, I went to the second lesson of this short story writing course that Dr Rebecca Burns is teaching. I remembered last time feeling quite cold in this room and I thought with it being an evening, it might get cool again by the time we finish. I was wrong. This time the room was boiling hot when we first walked in although it became more bearable as the course went on.

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Short Story Writing Course – Day 1

Ok, I admit, I’m a bit of a course junkie, especially when it comes to online courses as they are sooo flexible.

However, on Wednesday 3rd April 2019, I attended the first day of the short story writing course in Leicester. It was a two hour course and it was the first time in ages that I’ve attended a course which involved physically going to a classroom and meeting other people.

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