First school holidays while working

Quote by Rachel Brathen

These are the first school holidays that I have had to deal with while working. I was so worried at the start but even though there is no real plan and I feel like I’m winging it, its not been so bad.

The one thing about them being older is that they are less clingy and letting them go to places is a little easier. Which is useful as this is the first time I’ve had to look into school holiday clubs. I did have their grandparents as back up before they fly off to India just in case either of them were ill or if anything happened that I couldn’t be there for them. Although this new place I work at do seem quite flexible and family friendly. They also allow working from home (which I will be doing soon!) so I don’t think it would be too much of a problem if for any reason I had to leave early as long as I attempt to make up the hours.

Holiday club

This week for 2 days the girls went to a football and fitness club. I was a little unsure about whether they would like football but the fitness part included lots of different activities like tennis, dancing and what seemed like rounders but they convinced me it wasn’t called that. Either way it sounded like fun, especially when my younger daughter came back proudly showing off her certificate for her effort in tennis.

It seems a bit pricey but at least I have something for the summer holiday if I need it or even if I don’t need it it might be something good for them to do once or twice a week in the holidays. I’m hoping, over the summer holidays that I might get some more flexibility with working from home because otherwise, I think I’m going to run out of holidays.

Being employed

Being employed is nice but it feels really strange working for someone at set hours with set amount of holidays rather than doing your hours as and when you feel like it. There are a few benefits though.  Rather than having to pay and do all my own CPD, I can now do it through work and possibly during work hours which feels like such a privilege and a relief. No more waking up at 4am and cramming in some online CPD.  I’ll need to find something else to do if I wake up so early!

Also, it’s nice to go into an office so close to home and talk and meet other people. Finally, once work is finished there is no (current) expectation to do more than your set hours which feels strange. Since I started working for myself, so that I could have the work/life balance I so crave for, I ended up working at any odd time. The boundaries of stopping work at a set time never really happened because I had the flexibility to do what I want when I want.

Once I’m in a routine and with working from home, I think it will get easier. The only thing I might miss is going to the girls shows and sports day and other stuff at school. I’m not too fussed about missing it to be honest but I think the girls might be disappointed. I’ll worry about that when it happens.


In other news, my daughter will be doing her SATs in May. Her reading and writing I’m not so worried about as long as she doesn’t rush. However, as a daughter of an accountant and an IT bod who both loved maths at school, we are a little disappointed that she doesn’t seem to have the maths gene and share the same enthusiasm for Maths. She is only 7 and so maybe we are expecting too much, too soon.


She says herself that she finds it a bit difficult and so this might be the one thing we will need to sit down and work with her. Although trying to get her to sit down and work is another thing entirely. Bribes with the iPad might come into play. I’ve only used it once so far but it worked out quite well and peacefully for a change! The alternative would be some sort of tutoring. Another perspective might help.

I don’t know how people do home tutoring.  It is something I randomly think about occasionally and I would love, in principle, to be able to do it but I don’t think I would have the patience to do so especially considering how hard it is to get them to do homework is. I’m so glad there are schools even though some days I feel like I spend more time in school events and meetings than I do anything else!

The Very First Week Of School

My daughter has almost completed one week of school. With all the rushing around over the last week, making sure I had everything and trying out the school run in between work and then actually starting school, I haven’t had a chance to stop and think until today. The whole idea of her starting school still seems a bit surreal and I’ve been nostalgically looking through her baby photos and videos not wanting to believe she’s almost 5. She seems to have settled in well after the first few days of bawling her eyes out and saying she doesn’t want to go to school. Today, she still said she didn’t want to go but for the first time, there were no tears just lots of hugs and a promise from me to pick her up at 3. We did have to talk through this on the walk into school though. She asked me to pick her up at 2 but I had to explain that I couldn’t because school finishes at 3 so I will pick her up then. I feel happier that I can leave her without her being in tears.

I knew the school run would be long and tiring especially as I will be sitting in rush hour traffic but to be doing this for next 18 years or so is already filling me with dread. Since we didn’t get any of our catchment school, the school we are going to takes about 1 to 1.5 hours there and back which I will be doing twice a day FOREVER! I’m leaving early so that she gets to school on time but the journey back is full of traffic. Also, at the moment I’m walking her in and waiting for her to go in and stop crying and clinging to me. Hopefully once she settles in, I can cut out about 20 minutes but it is still a long trip. I’ve already started looking for houses near the school although we still haven’t decided what our long term plans are for moving houses and possibly schools.

We’ve already had homework and reading books which at the moment is fine and easy to do. I’m sure once we get into a routine everything will be all okay but at the moment I feel like I’m constantly running around, working and doing things til late into the night and then have to get up early to start the day and I miss sleep so much. Today, I had absolutely no motivation to do any work, mainly because I was tired but Wednesday is one of the only days where I get the whole day to myself – no kids, no husband so it should be a productive day. But I resisted it so much today and spent the day dreaming about not having to work for a living. I would watch day time TV while eating breakfast and lunch, go to a yoga class, maybe even have a nap, read a book and I would do a little bit of work if I got a bit bored. I’m dreading tomorrow when I will have to catch up on everything I avoided doing today.

Not really a motivational saying this week but just something to tie in with schools: