At the hairdressers

Wow! You can tell I’m really struggling for ideas when I start blogging about being at the hairdressers! Well since I’m here I might as well describe my experience. When the lockdown was first lifted, it was almost impossible to get an appointment especially since I don’t have a regular hairdresser that I go to, so after a few phone calls, I didn’t bother.

This weekend, I decided I had enough of my hair. My hair looked like limp rag cloths hanging down the side of my face and having it up didn’t work either. I tried calling the hairdressers this weekend and I’ve managed to make a booking for today.

I was told to come in my face mask and bring in as little as possible. I won’t get offered any drinks but also I’m not allowed to bring any. I’m not that fussed about eating and drinking at the hairdressers, especially as I would worry about hair accidentally falling into my coffee, so that’s fine. I also won’t get any magazine to read but I can take my phone in and read that. Luckily it’s the morning so my phone is fully charged. Plus, I would normally end up reading my phone anyway.

When I went in they took my temperature and gave me some antibacterial hand gel. They took my coat and put the gown on and then the offered me a chair where they would cut my hair. It was the first appointment in the morning and I had to wait for the hairdresser for a while. Once she came she asked about my hair and then took me to the sink to wash my hair. This is the first time in a long time when I have had a head massage. It was soo nice, I had almost forgotten how much I missed it! Then it was all standard run of the mill stuff, she cut my hair, put hair stuff in and then dried it. It feels so good and looks so much better.

Once I cut my hair, I made an appointment for my daughters. They go from not being that fussed to can’t wait to get it cut. I think it’s been about two years since they last went to the hairdressers. I normally wait till they have their annual dance show before going to the hairdressers. This year, their annual show got cancelled as it was going to be the weekend before lockdown started.

I had been thinking that since their hair is so long, maybe we can cut it and give it to charity. I’ve been looking at the little princess trust and as long as the hair is in good condition and over 7 inches, although ideally, 12 inches or more, they will accept. Not sure about the condition of the girl’s hair but it is longer than 12 inches, depending on how short they want to go. Maybe I will check with the hairdresser and see what they think.

So apart from wearing the mask, the experience was almost like normal. For now, I think I might stick to colouring my hair at home though as it costs a lot less and the time at the hairdresser is so much faster. I was in and out in an hour including waiting for 10 minutes for the hairdresser. Fast is always good when it comes to my hair.

One thought on “At the hairdressers

  1. I used to be a hairdresser before I started writing for a living, and I’m glad to read about your favourable experience during the pandemic, because I can’t imagine still being in the industry with the new normal, especially seeing how it’s a high-risk job now that hairdressers are exposed to so many people.

    Wishing you all the best during these weird times!


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