My 30 days of blogging

It’s almost the end of September and therefore the end of my almost 30 days of blogging. I say almost because I missed a few days. Anyway, these are six things I learnt during this month. 

  1. It’s difficult to write every day and think of things to write every day. I only decided on the 2nd of September to do this challenge so I had already missed one day. Then the weekend of my daughters birthday, I wasn’t inclined to write at all. 
  2. Creating a post takes time. Writing the post is only one element, adding a picture, basic proofreading, adding links and making sure they work all takes time. I didn’t do headings and subheadings as is recommended and I only included one image per post most of the time. 
  3. I still like writing but if I’m going to blog regularly I should plan and have a bit of a theme rather than being so random. This just helps me with what to write about rather than getting a writer’s block looking at a blank screen. In fact, I even started one blog with blank as the title and that’s how it stayed!
  4. Like the 30 day Bikram yoga challenge I did in June, if I need to focus on one thing for the whole month, everything else, my everyday life goes on hold except for the bare minimum. This is ok when there’s nothing going on but when there’s loads happening, it’s a bit difficult. 
  5. It’s easier when you can see light towards the end of the tunnel and it’s coming to an end. Just two more days to go! 
  6. I’m not an organised writer. I write in random places. For example, this blog I drafted on my phone using Evernote while in bed. Some blogs I wrote straight on WordPress, while others I used Google docs. I even used my pen and notebook for the start of some blogs. I would write in my home office, in the kitchen or in the sitting room. Mostly I wrote in the bedroom before going sleep. 

So what’s next? I think I will try and blog weekly or as often as I can but having a little bit of a plan might be good idea. I’ve not used any grammar tools or any other publishing help which I need to check and get up to date with. This might be because I moved my blog and everything has gone weird which might be the first thing to focus on before I do anything else.

And finally, I’ve really enjoyed blogging again and meeting new blogs which is another thing I might do more of when my September challenge is over. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read. 

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