What’s new in the blogging world

After spending so much time off blogging, going back to it felt a bit alien in some cases. The first few days of the blogging took me ages to actually publish a post. I was creating a post on my phone and then editing on the laptop and then for some reason, it just wouldn’t publish.

Also, I’ve somehow got two sites? I think. I have about 50 followers on one and 20 on another, email followers on one of them too. It might have something to do with moving it back to WordPress from Bluehost. I have no idea how to fix that but I should probably get in touch with someone at WordPress. After the first few days, I seemed to have figured out how to publish and not really sure what happened at the beginning.

I’m not sure whats going with the date either. Sometimes it publishes the date I started writing the post even though I post it manually on the day I finish writing the post.

I still enjoy using Canva for making my pictures. I still have templates etc and there are new things on Canva which move and flash and sparkle. I think Canva is really amazing.

The writing part is still fun although slightly difficult trying to do something every day. Not sure what and why I thought this was doable! Especially in the middle of a pandemic with kids going back to school and then getting ill and lots of birthday’s celebrations – of sorts during the month. It’s all fine generally although slightly stressful when the girls get ill for whatever reason. And so easy to get paranoid about it all.

What else is new? I’ve no idea but reading blogs on WordPress on the phone is quite easy as well as discovering new blogs to read on WordPress. I get emails from wordpress letting me know what’s changed and what’s new which is useful sometimes. The last email mentioned being able to take payments which could be useful. Apart from that, just writing again is good.

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