Coronavirus and going back to school

The girls are both off school. The school lasted roughly 3 weeks of which only one was a full week before someone tested positive for COVID 19 and the kids were told to self-isolate.

First, it was my older daughter who was told to stay off for two weeks and then the younger was told today to stay off for a week. The worst thing was that the younger daughter had symptoms of COVID 19 over the weekend so we went to get tested. On Monday morning before school, we received the results back which thankfully came back negative so I sent the older one to school. If they hadn’t come we would have all stayed at home.

Over the weekend and at the beginning of this week I felt ill but not with symptoms. It was most likely from tiredness and worry. So then yesterday I wasn’t sure whether we should all get tested to be sure either way or what the older daughter should do as kids and some people don’t always show the symptoms but may still have it.

The same thing happened this morning, the younger daughter seemed well so we thought it would be ok to go back. It’s the right thing to do and then after one day, we get the news that she has to stay at home. What a week! I wish we had all stayed at home. For once, I wish the results were a little late in coming and so we wouldn’t have gone to school. Neither of them or us are showing any symptoms at the moment so we are hopefully ok but who knows?!

We are also in one of the high-risk areas where the results of people having COVID 19 have shot up since school started. Any cough or any slight illness is a worry now. I don’t think I have ever been so paranoid as I feel now. I don’t know what is right or wrong. But I’ve got enough work to work from home for now so that’s good, although I might pop in one day soon to get bits and pieces. I’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

It’s a shame that just as the girls were getting back into routine, enjoying (possibly for the first time ever) being back at school and then they’re back home. I do hope going back to school works out somehow.

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