Blogging Journey

Every so often, when this question comes up, ‘Why did I start blogging?, it makes me stop and think about what I am doing.  After spending so long without blogging, I’m finding it hard to really back into it.

Every year, the blogger, Aby Moore does a week long wrap party around December to give you a chance to look over your year and plan for the following year. I found an old post with the questions from one of the wrap party and I thought I would have another go at answering these questions.

Why did I start blogging and is it still you?

I started blogging on an accounting website to start as a place to vent out all my frustrations with trying to work and be a mum. Being a mum is life changing in ways you do not realise at the time. Looking back at it, I was probably frustrated with my expectations just as much as the lack of flexibility with my job. Blogging gave me a place to not only vent out my frustrations but to also find people who were in a similar position to me and find that I’m not alone.

After a few years, seeing how blogging was becoming a thing, I decided to get my own piece of the web, blogging as and when before deciding to create a routine and blog on a weekly basis. It felt great to write on a weekly basis and as it was mine, it felt quite free to write how I want. As I carried on blogging, I decided to create a schedule of what types of posts to write every week just so that it wasn’t just a post of me rambling incoherently about anything that was in my head.

My weekly post every month included an accounting post, a book review and a couple of personal posts with a few top 5 posts thrown as a backup if I ever got stuck as to what to write about. This worked really well and I managed to get a part-time job in writing about accounts, although it was only for maternity cover. Once that job ended, I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of motivation to write and I’m struggling to get back into it. Although it is partly due to a lack of time – trying to find time between working and being a mum is a struggle at times.

I have contemplated creating a new blog, find a new niche and take all the relevant posts from here to the new blog but I need to find something to focus on if I decide to do that. For now, I’m sticking to this one blog even if there are parts of it that doesn’t really make that much sense.

The next question was what does success mean for you?

Until I started blogging, a career in writing had never crossed my mind. Especially as I loved Maths throughout school and wanted to do something with Maths because it’s methodical. Although looking back, I did keep diaries when I was younger and I think that might be the one thing a lot of bloggers have in common. I’ve always liked reading too. Two good habits for a writer I believe.

So after having such a long break from writing, success for me will be getting back into it and finding some more opportunities in writing in my free time. One reason I have decided to challenge myself to write a blog post every day in September is to get into the habit of writing, whatever I write. I think I will need to decide what to do with this blog too but while I do think about it, I will go back to writing on here as much as I can.

And that’s it for now. I have no big plan about what I’m going to write about or how often. After I get through September I will try to write on a weekly basis as a minimum but that is all I have for now. Weekly gives me a chance to review the writing before I post!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Journey

  1. It’s pretty damn awesome that you’re keeping up with your daily writing challenge. I myself wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands, and I write for a living, lol. Wishing you the best with your blogging pursuits!

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