When I’m doing the Calm meditation, there is a little story. Today it was about how life can be made up of perfect moments and then sometimes when you look back at those moments you wish you could go back and somehow relive and hold on to those moments in your life. The hardest part is letting go and knowing that life is all about change. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is change.

There are so many memories that I want to hold onto and never let go. Life before kids was so carefree and in hindsight easy. Going out for a meal or just out for the night involved no planning whatsoever! Looking back at when the girls were young little babies was so fun. We would play in the garden, go to the park and go to as many mum and baby groups possible. It’s nice to have those moments to look back on but its also so good to look forward to making new memories with my beautiful family.

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