First Day At Home

Today was the first day at home without the kids. Up until now, I’ve been at work and juggling staggered opening times at school with my work hours. I’m not quite home alone but it’s still without kids and I have a list of things to do. One of them was an attempt to get a few backup blogs ready for this week. I’ve been good for the last five days but I feel like I’m already waning.

Obviously, I ended up doing a lot of faffing around, cleaning and tidying up before I even sat down. I still have a few phone calls to make and other bits and bobs but thought I would write and give an update about my attempt to juggle life with kids and work.

A couple of years ago, I started working in an office for the first time since having kids. It was part-time work and I really enjoyed getting out of the house and into an office. That job didn’t last very long and as much as I loved the idea of writing for a living, I guess it wasn’t really for me. After I finished there, I had the summer off and then last year started looking for another part-time job but going back into accountancy rather than writing about it. And the place I work at the moment is perfect! Although there is no option to work from home so far that’s not really been a problem. I have the flexibility of working around the school runs as well as a day off so it really is good.

For a long time though I always have at the back of mind, what if I lose my job, what if it doesn’t work out for any reason, what will happen then? And in a way that is why I’ve been holding onto my Practicing Certificate so that I can something to fall back on and work for myself if needed.  But the more I think about it, the more I think I don’t want to do that and if I do lose my job, I’m sure I can find another job or do something else that doesn’t cost so much! So at the end of this year when renewal comes I will be cancelling it. I do need to check my insurance and make sure I can cancel that too at the end of the year. It’s weird but it also feels like a big relief. It’s like up until now this has been tying me down to a particular way of life and that somehow I have to make it work or else. I know it took me ages to get the Practicing Certificate and if I ever wanted it again it would take ages again but I can live with that. Plus I’m still going to be qualified as an accountant and tax technician. I still do my CPD and pay the fees to maintain those letters after my name so I’m not stopping being an accountant I’m just not able to do work for myself as an accountant for a fee. 

One part of me still thinks what will be the effect of coronavirus and Brexit but then I can’t really carry on living in fear and I’m sure I will find something anything if that were to happen. So the work school-life balance is going pretty well in general but still feels so busy seemingly doing nothing when I’m not at work.

3 thoughts on “First Day At Home

  1. Hi Nisha, Please think very carefully before giving up the hard-earned PC, They are many places looking for someone with PC as an employee since the employer does not have a PC. You would be their person for bank references etc. It just makes you more marketable.

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    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback and I might post this on AW to gauge the consensus. I do think a lot of time that I should hold on to it, but its not just the cost of the certificate. To comply with the rules, I have to pay for GDPR, insurance, money laundering to name a few and it really doesn’t seem worth all those costs.


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